Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Soap Saver

My sis saw the soap saver I made for my DH & wanted one for her DH.  Apparently he's a sliver saver too!  But she wanted hers larger than the one I had made, so the layers of yarn took on a different pattern.  
But here it is anyway:

Flannel Hearts WIP

Been working on some flannel hearts.  Want to sew & clip a bunch up before I throw them in the washer & dryer.  When they're done, the hemmed edges will be all curly.  Here's the process:

Make a template, cut out hearts, pin & sew hem

Sew hem


Sew Opening Closed

Clip hemmed edges being careful not to cut stitching

One flannel heart done & ready to get curly

Now I just need to finish sewing up the rest
then wash & dry them to their curliness!  :)

Miracle Talisman

I finally finished this "Miracle" talisman!  And you can't see in the picture that the word bead says Miracle!  Ah, well.  Here's a pic anyway:

Lavender Needle Felted Heart

I've been working off and on with this piece since June!  It's going to a very special person who is to be named maybe later!  :)
Here's some pics:

Sewing bag to needle felted heart

Back side filled with lavender

Front side & back side sewn together


We had so many rainbows in Kaua'i, but I hadn't realized how many we'd have here.  It's a big sky! Here's a pic of a double one:

Messenger Ravens

We've had some new "messengers" come to visit us.  These were the only ones I got pics of...I missed the owl & the prairie falcon that flew right at me!  So here's some pics:

Tangling with a pal!

My pal came up from T or C and we both tangled some.  Learning some new tangles based on some online and some of our own.  Here are some of my tangles:

Lammas First Harvest

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged.  A lot going on.  So this is gonna just be a quick catch up.
First there was Lammas...first harvest.  And ours was basil!  We dried some, froze some and ate some!  Here's some pics:
And we have a bunch more to use up!