Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beaded Face Swap

Boy, I've wanted to be in Sassy Art Goddess's Beaded Face Swap for a couple years now & finally figured out how to do it this year. I know. I'm slow! :) Anyway, she finally listed this years pieces here so you can check out mine & everyone else's. There's some great pieces. (Timaree! You're right next to me!)
Since it was around Halloween time that this happens, I decided to use a glow in the dark face that I molded. Here's a close-up of the beaded piece.

Here I tried to get a pic of it glowing in the dark! :( NOT a great pic, but in person it's more fun!

And here's the final piece...as you can tell, I hope, the face is 'sposed to look like a moon with a bat shape behind it! :) I added a backing and sent it on. Now I just get to wait for my swap pin to arrive!! I wonder which it will be!

October BJP- Scythe

The October Rune is the Scythe. *It is associated with Scorpio & death...dramatic transformations that appear to be final, but wise ones know they aren't. This can signify anything from a separation or divorce to some kind of danger. It's time to get to the bottom of things. Events may shift your focus dramatically, forcing you to change or transform. It's also associated with the paranormal, yep, even ghosts! (Perfect for this time of year!) This rune means to cut away, put an end to something or sever. Maybe changes must occur before reconciliation...coming to terms with something that is hard to accept. A time of passing through difficulties. Walls & blocks may seem insurmountable now, but Scythe implies you have the strength to overcome all difficulties.
The traditional birthstone for this month is rose zircon or pink tourmaline...depending on who you check with...so I just used the closest color to both that I had for the background.

Also, while working on this, I found that 2 "tic tac" containers that are used in storage systems, can fit in my tins! Yahoo! So I can keep them in there ahead of time until I'm ready to use them!

* Information for this, and all further posts on my BJP runes, have come from "A Witch's Runes", by Susan Sheppard.


OK...like a year ago, or so, a couple pals & I decided to do a Round Robin with Bendi dolls. 2 of us on Hawaii, one in New Mexico. So I started out my doll by doing some mud painting on her. (Bogolan fini) I wanted her to have the red dirt from here on Kaua'i blended into her! Then I added her face, hair & heart. Here she is all naked and RTG to the next participant! I gave them lots of info on the Roma, 'cuz I wanted her to be a "gypsy"!

And here she is back home!!! Didn't they do a great job??? I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!! She sits in my studio with me every day! She turned out more perfect than I ever thought she could!!

End of Journal Swap

Been doing a journal swap with a pal for over a year! We are just finishing up the last page this month. So I wanted to show some of the pages that I've done in hers & mine. They sure got fat!!!

This was a happy page I did in my journal:

This was a Dottie Doll I made for my pal's journal. We had to keep her on the front. Apparently she complained about being inside a book!

Ya know those free Tibetan paper prayer flags you get in the mail? Well, this is how I used them!

This was a stamp I made from an old Roman coin. The owl is our family totem. The metal piece says "Believe". I know the owl gives me wisdom from learning about it's ways.

This is a popsicle, moveable, just fun page! My journal was mostly themed about Joy; my pal's was mostly about Spirit. All the same, no? ;)

This one I did when I was a little down & trying to cheer myself up!

This was just another fun one! :)

This spread I did to show that darkness cannot hide light! There's a candle in the pocket with the words hidden under the Divine page.

This one was about Fear and Faith...Oneness and Duality...and my sometimes difficulty in understanding.
There's alot more pages I haven't even photographed yet, so I'll add those at another time. Not sure what my pal & I will do after this, but I do know it will be fun!!!

Beading Frenzy!

Wow! Been awhile since I posted! Had my nose to the grindstone (what is that?) & have been getting gifts ready for the holidays & orders ready for the museum. So alot of stuff I can't show!!! Don't want to give away the gift ideas! :) So here's another prayer pocket top. This one was really hard to photograph as I used all shiny Delica beads! Yikes! I'm gonna fill this pocket with lavender when I get it put together.

Also, a fellow beader mentioned in one of my previous posts that I should not only say that these are the same amount of beads, but the same size!!! They are both size 11s. The one on the left is made with Delicas, & the one on the right is made with seed beads. 625 of each, same size, different kind of bead. Amazing, huh?