Tuesday, October 14, 2008

End of Journal Swap

Been doing a journal swap with a pal for over a year! We are just finishing up the last page this month. So I wanted to show some of the pages that I've done in hers & mine. They sure got fat!!!

This was a happy page I did in my journal:

This was a Dottie Doll I made for my pal's journal. We had to keep her on the front. Apparently she complained about being inside a book!

Ya know those free Tibetan paper prayer flags you get in the mail? Well, this is how I used them!

This was a stamp I made from an old Roman coin. The owl is our family totem. The metal piece says "Believe". I know the owl gives me wisdom from learning about it's ways.

This is a popsicle, moveable, just fun page! My journal was mostly themed about Joy; my pal's was mostly about Spirit. All the same, no? ;)

This one I did when I was a little down & trying to cheer myself up!

This was just another fun one! :)

This spread I did to show that darkness cannot hide light! There's a candle in the pocket with the words hidden under the Divine page.

This one was about Fear and Faith...Oneness and Duality...and my sometimes difficulty in understanding.
There's alot more pages I haven't even photographed yet, so I'll add those at another time. Not sure what my pal & I will do after this, but I do know it will be fun!!!


heidibeads said...

CC - this looks like so much fun! Did you swap with your friend every other month or so or more often? did you create in each others? I like this idea - I'll have to find a friend to play with!

CC said...

Hi! No, we swapped every other Thursday, with a craft Thursday in between. We have one Thursday off. So it gave us 2 weeks to work on a spread. We can only do this 'cuz we live in the same little town.
I've done other ones where it took longer between spreads 'cuz I had to mail 'em back & forth to the mainland. And the mail from here takes forever!!
Hope you find a pal to play with!
Warmest aloha,

freebird said...

These are some nice pages. It seems lika a pal can really help keep you going. I find that with my bead journal. The group keeps me going when I don't feel like doing anything. Perhaps you and your friend can pick new themes and start a new years worth of pages.

CC said...

Oh, freebird, I know what you mean about being inspired by others & keeping you going!
I didn't want to do another journal with my pal, so we're doing some other things now! It's all fun!
Warmest aloha,