Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beaded Face Swap

Boy, I've wanted to be in Sassy Art Goddess's Beaded Face Swap for a couple years now & finally figured out how to do it this year. I know. I'm slow! :) Anyway, she finally listed this years pieces here so you can check out mine & everyone else's. There's some great pieces. (Timaree! You're right next to me!)
Since it was around Halloween time that this happens, I decided to use a glow in the dark face that I molded. Here's a close-up of the beaded piece.

Here I tried to get a pic of it glowing in the dark! :( NOT a great pic, but in person it's more fun!

And here's the final piece...as you can tell, I hope, the face is 'sposed to look like a moon with a bat shape behind it! :) I added a backing and sent it on. Now I just get to wait for my swap pin to arrive!! I wonder which it will be!


heidibeads said...

I missed the deadline to mail mine in but I'm all set for next year! I like your pin - perfect for this time of year.

CC said...

Thanks, Heidi! I'll see yours next year then! ;)

KV said...

Super neat idea!

Kathy V in NM

CC said...

Hi Kathy! I had fun with the glow in the dark idea! :)

freebird said...

The glow in the dark aspect will be really fun for a Halloween party! You're right, mine is right next to yours. Hope you get your pin soon. How slow can a mail airplane fly?

CC said...

Mail can be slow here,freebird! My mom was promised something would get here in 3 days...over a week later, it finally arrived. But we're used to island time! :)
Warmest aloha,