Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

And a big thank you to all who served our country!

And the winner is...

Marvin K!!!  
My DH & I put all the names of people who posted or emailed about the Shabby Heart in one of our Tibetan singing bowls.  Then he did the drawing!  He hopes no one gets mad at him.  LOL!  Thanks to everyone for their Blogoversary wishes.  Good luck next year!

Ack! Forgot one more thing!

The annular solar eclipse!  We did our small pinprick in paper thing to look at the shadow, but then realized our tree's leaves had become little cameras too!  They showed a gazillion images of the eclipse on our house & garage.  Here's a few pics:

Forgot one thing!

Been busy & forgot to show the pics of the big full moon from the beginning of the month.  Here's a couple pics from NM.  It was beautiful!

But our new plants survived!

We were concerned about the new plants we'd just potted.  They took a beating in the wind & smoke.  But they survived, and Sunday was a blue sky day!  I guess the jet stream changed, and the winds calmed down.  I'm sure the fire fighters are happy about that!  Here's our beauties:

New Mexico Fires and Wind

One of the things about NM is that if there are fires, the wind can carry the smoke everywhere.  This last Friday, the jet stream headed right for ABQ & the winds were high.  So this is what we saw from our home.  Those aren't clouds.
And the very next day, this is what we saw.    You can't even see the mountains.  We had an Environmental Health Dept. alert telling us to stay inside.  You could really smell the smoke!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Blogger Issues

Hi, all!  Apparently there are some issues with the new blogger set up.  So if you are having problems commenting on my blog, just send me an email, which you will find on my blog, and I will enter you for a chance to win the small gift!  Good luck!
Ciao, tutti! Apparentemente ci sono alcune edizioni con la nuova messa a punto del blogger. Così se stiate avendo problemi che commentate il mio blog, appena trasmettami un email, che troverete sul mio blog e lo registrerò affinchè una probabilità vinca il piccolo regalo! Buona fortuna!

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Hi everyone!

It's Happy Blogoversary to me today!  Yahoo!  I've been so busy with an online workshop I hardly even realized it!  But I do have a small offering.  Above is a Shabby Heart Sachet that has a bit of lavender in it.  Smells really nice & relaxing!  So the deal is if you make a comment on this post before Monday, the 28th, my DH & I will draw the name of the winner on Memorial Day.  Then once I get the snail mail of the person who won, I will send it off to you!  
So comment away 
and best wishes for a Happy Memorial Day! soon as I can, I'll start putting up some more posts!