Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What? Happy Blogoversary???

I had no idea there was such a thing as a Happy Blogoversary! Apparently people keep track of when they started their blogs! So I looked back & my blog was born 5/24/2007 at 12:11p.m.!!! It was a Thursday & I was nervous!
Now here it is almost 2 years later & I know how to transfer html to make that little button on the left side that tells me how many days it is until my Blogoversary! 55 days from today!
AND I find out that people celebrate this in different ways! Hmm...how will I celebrate? I'm not just sure yet, but know it will be a fun day! So I posted this little pin I made for a pal just before I started this blog. I guess I still like all those brilliant, fun colors! LOL! Well, since the blog will be 2, I guess that makes sense! Go Inner Child!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beaded Purse from India

One of my pal's here has a mom who just got back from visiting her family in India. She brought my pal home some of these beaded purses, and my pal gave one to ME!!! She knows how much beading I do, so knew I'd really appreciate it. And I do! Thanks so much, Sweetie! And thanks to your mom too! I'm blessed!
Here's a close up:

My Pal's Gift

I'm reading this book when I realize the bookmark that my pal in Malaysia made me goes with it perfectly! I'm not sure you can tell how beautiful it is, but it is all handmade & has a beautiful sparkly fabric under those cut out hearts! And the beads match so perfect! I just had to share. She also makes handmade cards, & you can see some on her blog here. You an scroll down to see her beading blog, or her bookmarks here.
She was recently written about in one of her local papers, so she's as busy as a bee right now! I'm really proud of her & just wanted to share! Check out her work...it's really impeccable!

EDM 004 Draw your mug or cup

OK...so the last "mug" I put in here for the EDM challenge was an old one! I cheated! So I figured I better get myself back to it, & do a new one. It's above.
As you can see by the pic below, I was inspired to get back to the challenges after re-reading one of Susan Branch's keepsake books that she illustrated. I'm not sure if it's the formality of doing something in order, or what, but I sure am having a hard time doing these! I will sketch ideas, designs, etc in my regular sketch book, but the idea of putting something into my moleskine seems to be more "precious". I know I'm the only one who thinks of it that way, but it stymies me! Hopefully I'll get past that block soon!

ATCs & Swap

So for my swap this week, I made some totem animal ATCs. Gave a couple to my pal, & kept the rest. It's always is nice to have some extra hanging around.
Here's a couple close ups...recycled catalog images, stamped images, feathers, artificial sinew, some turquoise nuggets, etc. Ended up with 11 total...until she got her 2! I'll have to check to see which ones she chose! :)

When inspiration hits...

So if you read my previous post, you know I've been working on hearts. But the particular fabric you see above, that was given to me by a pal, just stopped me in my tracks! I had to bead it somehow! Not the images, or even the particular design...but some impression of it. I have no idea what it's gonna turn into, but here is my WIP!

Hearts Galore!!!

I think by now everyone knows my favorite motif is the heart! I just can't stop making them! To the left is a bunch of soft flannel ones, & on the right are some puffy embellished ones I'm currently working on. Not sure where they'll all end up, but it sure is fun making them!

How does that garden grow???

We have a small garden that Ron cares for so well it is thriving!!!
Below are some of the bounty from the garden...lots of beans every day, as well as different kinds of baby greens!
And more sunflowers just came out...the bees are busy, as well as the butterflies!!!
In fact, this year we think is gonna be a bumper crop of avocados! Yahoo!

You make an ono garden, Farmer Ron!

Hand Carved Koa Bowl

A few years back my DH was given a hunk of koa. I'd asked him to make me a bowl to put in the middle of our table. Here is the start of it:
And here it is this year...obviously a "spare time" project...but alot of work!!!
I love all the different colors in the wood! Can't wait to see it done!

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Here's some pics from my DH's birthday...we actually went to a luau! I've been to some on other islands, but this one was unique to the people of Kaua'i. Still the same basics tho'...lots of food, drink, & a really nice show. Enjoy!

On the grounds of the Smith gardens, with Ron heading over the bridge to what is called Japanese Island.
Pretty ponds... ...some jackfruit...
...and the flower of a mountain apple.
Looking out toward the replica of the Easter Island head...
Looking over toward the island where weddings are held.
I love the color of the bark of this tree!
Back at the imu pit before the pig is removed.
And the guys busy digging our food out!
Then on to drinks, dinner, & the birthday folks learning the hukilau hula!
And all that was before the show! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

February BJP "Waves"

This was a different rune in that it wasn't symmetrical or a mirror image. So I had to COUNT beads, like counted cross stitch. This is my absolute UNFAVORITE thing to do! I have a pal who does the most beautiful counted cross stitch. You can see her work here. Just check out her patterns & you'll see what I mean. But me...fogeddaboudit!!!
Anyway, I had to use the beads I had to try to get an amethyst color. I wear the amethyst above every day, so I matched up beads as close as I could for this month's birthstone color. I like how it turned out 'cuz it's kinda murky, like the waves get when they toss around alot.
As for the meaning of this rune, first, it contains a spiral which has stood for the coils of consciousness that spiral back to a divine source, and represents power & movement. The waves indicate forward motion. They are fluid & unyielding, & your path may be cloudy & unsure. It's a time to find out what is genuine in your life & yourself. On the surface it stands for intuition & artistic imagination, but a cloudy perception. You may feel swept away by emotions, but clarify what you want & then follow through. Remain steadfast in the chaos.
Again, this info was taken from "A Witch's Runes" by, Susan Sheppard.

di Gioia ATC for my Pal!

One of my bestest pals had a birthday...and she just started doing "The Artist's Way"...so I decided to make an ATC for her. I chose this fabric because it reminds me of how we feel about each other! In fact, we gave ourselves names that embrace this idea! She chose di Gioia as our last name because it's of Joy! And we chose Italian foods for our first names. So I am now CC Spaghetti di Gioia, and she is Canolli di Gioia! Perfecto!!! Ti amo, pal!
P.S. Fideos is Spanish for Spaghetti! :)

Crochet Stitches

Oh, how I love it! I've been doing it since before I can remember. My first memory of it was sitting on my Grandma's kitchen floor with tiny size 30 thread & a small hook. She kept me busy making chain...and more chain...and more chain!!! So now it comes to me like 2nd nature. But over the years I've only used the basic stitches she taught me, & some that I learned 30 years ago. Recently I decided to take a ball of yarn & try some new stitches. It was fun! It's amazing all the different ways it can look! Even like knitting! I think I'll be doing more of it!

The 3 Rs!

Nowadays it's Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! My DH & I just found online a way of cutting items into one long strip to reuse as balls of materials for crochet, knitting, etc. I practiced on a plastic bag to make sure I did it right. I don't have many plastic bags left nowadays! They all have been recycled, & we use cloth bags. But this one came in handy. I've also made bottle covers with 'em back in the day before our cloth bags.
Next I took an old t-shirt, cut it up & rolled it into a ball. I started to crochet a small rag rug with it. My DH thinks I'll need about 20 old shirts for a good rug. Hmmm...he does have alot stored away in his closet...but I was thinking of using them as a quilt! Well, maybe I can use the printed design part in the quilt, & the rest in the rugs! Just so they don't go in the landfill!

PIF Purse Fob from Kathy!

Boy, I sure wish I could take better pictures! This pic doesn't do justice to the PIF purse fob I just got from Kathy V! (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) You can see her wonderful creations, & her brand new book, here! She is an incredible artist, beader & writer! Thank you, Kathy!!!

ATC Swap

My pal & I continue to swap twice a month...and I forgot to post this one! It was the one before the mini tag book. Ah, well. Just some cute fabric fused onto interfacing, beaded, embellished, backed & buttonhole stitched all around. Makes for nice little ATCs. Actually got the idea from another pal who is a fabric artist. So many fun things to do in this world!