Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What? Happy Blogoversary???

I had no idea there was such a thing as a Happy Blogoversary! Apparently people keep track of when they started their blogs! So I looked back & my blog was born 5/24/2007 at 12:11p.m.!!! It was a Thursday & I was nervous!
Now here it is almost 2 years later & I know how to transfer html to make that little button on the left side that tells me how many days it is until my Blogoversary! 55 days from today!
AND I find out that people celebrate this in different ways! Hmm...how will I celebrate? I'm not just sure yet, but know it will be a fun day! So I posted this little pin I made for a pal just before I started this blog. I guess I still like all those brilliant, fun colors! LOL! Well, since the blog will be 2, I guess that makes sense! Go Inner Child!


freebird said...

It's a super nice pen. I like those colors too! As far as keeping track of blogoversaries, did you know some keep track of their 100th post even! I figured out how to find out by looking at my blog post list but would never have thought to do this on my own. Guess some of us are more scatter-brained than others. I know I take the cake in being scattered, myself!

Anonymous said...

Your blogoversay is the same day as my son's birthday! He'll be 13 this year... sigh... ; )
I'll wish you congrats now, just in case I miss it then!
Take it easy

JoTee said...

Happy Blogsaversary!!
You are the BEST blogger that I know, plus your blog is a real treat to read, I love this heart piece.

CC said...

Thanks for the wishes all!
I had no idea about blogoversaries or keeping track of posts or...and I don't think freebird is scattered at all! You accomplish alot!
HBD to your son, Lotus!
Glad you liked it, JoTee! MMMM was who it went to! ;)
Warmest aloha,