Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the winner is...

Matilda!!!  We drew names out of a basket and Matilda won the egg.  So if you will send your regular mail address to me at my email you can find on the left of my blog, I will send you the egg!  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy it and will do your own felting someday!
Matilda!!! Abbiamo disegnato i nomi da un cestino e Matilda ha vinto l'uovo. Così se trasmettiate il vostro indirizzo della posta normale me al mio email che potete trovare a sinistra del mio blog, gli trasmetterò l'uovo! Congratulazioni! Spero che lo godiate e facciate la vostra propria feltratura qualche giorno! Ciao! CC

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to me!!!

Yea!  Someone actually reminded me it was my Blogoversary today!  Yahoo! 
I obviously didn't give very specific directions
as I have been getting emails,
as well as blog comments, on my hand felted egg give away! 
So what I'll do is wait until tomorrow
& pull a name from the hat to see who gets the egg!
Hope the rest of you enjoy both tutorials! 
Sorry for any confusion.  Here's that egg again:
I'll let you know tomorrow who gets it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zentangle? Doodle? Zendalas?

Recently a pal told me she was making Zentangles.  Say what?
So I got online and found tons of information on them.
Remember when you were a kid and you got that peechee for school?
And you doodled all over it? 
Well, that's kind of the idea behind Zentangles.
It's a very relaxing process, hence the Zen,
with a bunch of different
tangles/doodles that make a piece of art.
One company even made a business out of it.
You can find their site here.
You can also find various patterns here.
Others make Zendalas (like mandalas) or free form doodle art.
I'm having fun learning some of the Zentangle patterns,
but I always seem to relax & add my own patterns.
Here's my first practice pieces in a cheap sketchbook. 
You can see I learned why they use specific paper & pens!
  You get lots of splotches with cheap pens.
To zoom in, click the pic.
Here's my second attempt in one of my moleskines.
I've doodled since I was little, but it is fun to learn new patterns.
Mostly, it's a very relaxing form of art.  Ahhh...

Mothers' Day Card and Gift

A long while ago, on the island of Kaua'i,
we took a pohaku class.  (Rock carving)
My mom saw what we had made and asked for a candle holder.
So we saved her this heart shaped one.
She also happens to like beets (UGH!) and broccoli.
So I made her card using beets cut in half,
and added some watercolor crayon to a piece of broccoli
to get some green suggestion of leaves.
I hope she likes both.  I know she'll laugh at the card!
Here they are:
I hope she doesn't see this!  We mailed it
awhile back & she still doesn't have it!
I called her and warned her!

May Day Snow?

Couldn't believe it, but it snowed here on May Day!
Here's some pics to prove it!
May have to click on them to see them bigger.
Glad it's warmed up now!

Layer 4 of Early Starchild

Just added another layer to my latest colored pencil piece.
Almost starting to burnish, but still needs work.
Also added a light layer of some things I want in the background.

Business Card Practice

I had a dream a long time ago about some unique business cards. 
They would be watercolor with an eyelet in one corner. 
I would run fabric strips through the eyelet,
sign my name on the front
 & save the back for whatever info I wanted to
 give out to a particular person.
I've got the first 2 steps done. 
Step one:
"Drop In" watercolor on wet paper and add spatters.
Step two:
Cut the dry watercolor into 6 pieces.
Now I just need to find eyelets big enough
to run fibers and fabrics through!
Plus I really wanted to tear the edges, but this is just a practice sample.
I hope these cards will explain a little more about
mixed media art.

Happy Easter!

Boy did we have a nice Easter! 
Here are a few pics to show our goodies!
We were very happy bunnies with all this good food!