Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to me!!!

Yea!  Someone actually reminded me it was my Blogoversary today!  Yahoo! 
I obviously didn't give very specific directions
as I have been getting emails,
as well as blog comments, on my hand felted egg give away! 
So what I'll do is wait until tomorrow
& pull a name from the hat to see who gets the egg!
Hope the rest of you enjoy both tutorials! 
Sorry for any confusion.  Here's that egg again:
I'll let you know tomorrow who gets it!


Just Me Jody said...

I of course love the "egg" :)
Plus I just can't wait to learn "felting" :)
Love your Zentangles to, can't wait to do some of those with you to :)
Hugs Jo

CC said...

Glad you like the egg! :)
Felting is so relaxing...unless you poke your finger with the barbed needle! LOL! I have some colors of wool left that you can use when you come up here.
Zentangles and Needlefelting are both very Zen!
Ciao bella!