Saturday, May 14, 2011

Business Card Practice

I had a dream a long time ago about some unique business cards. 
They would be watercolor with an eyelet in one corner. 
I would run fabric strips through the eyelet,
sign my name on the front
 & save the back for whatever info I wanted to
 give out to a particular person.
I've got the first 2 steps done. 
Step one:
"Drop In" watercolor on wet paper and add spatters.
Step two:
Cut the dry watercolor into 6 pieces.
Now I just need to find eyelets big enough
to run fibers and fabrics through!
Plus I really wanted to tear the edges, but this is just a practice sample.
I hope these cards will explain a little more about
mixed media art.


Jody said...

These are very original & I love the idea!!

CC said...

Thanks Sweetie!