Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

I went outside today to check on the plants I let sit over winter. 
Some hardy carnations are coming out! 
And this sage is starting to bloom!
I guess it's time to get out into the garden!
Happy Earth Day!  Happy Spring! 

2nd Blogoversary Tutorial - Needle Felted Egg

I was trying to figure out what to give away for my Blogoversary.  I decide to give everyone 2 tutorials.  I had to do this early in case anyone wanted to make this Needle Felted Egg for Easter, or any spring holiday.  You have time!  It only took a few hours.  (And fellow bloggers, this is the tutorial to comment on if you want to win this finished egg!)  Here we go!

1.  First I gathered my supplies, tools and a sketched egg shape.  You can barely see it!

2.  Next I cut out the inside of the egg shape to make a template.  You could also use a cookie cutter if you have one.  Place it on your foam pad.
3.  Next I started to pull out pieces of the wool roving.
4.  Then I crisscrossed the wool over the template.

5.  Next I folded the wool roving on itself to an approximate shape of the template.
6.  Now start tacking the wool down with your needle felting tool.
7.  Be sure to check and make sure the wool isn't sticking to the foam pad.  You can turn it over and do the back also.

8.  This picture is hard to see, but I am checking for holes or weak spots that need more wool.

9.  Don't forget to felt the sides.  And watch your fingers!!!  The barbs on the needle are sharp!!!

10.  Continue felting until the background is done.  It should be solid.  Mine felted down to about 3/8 inches deep.

11.  Add Lincoln curls to make wiggly stripes.  (Lincoln curls are what I used.  You can use whatever kind of wool you want.)

12.  If the curls don't seem to be attaching well, you can place a "cobweb" over the background & felt it over the curls.  Don't worry about the curls going off the edge.  You can trim them later.

13.  Pull wisps of other colors to make some dots.

14.  Fold and roll wisps into dots.

15.  Start felting dots between the curly lines.  Smaller dots need just a teeny bit of wool.

 16.  Now it's all felted & ready to hang.  Add a floss hanger...or you could use the egg on a gift, or you could back it with regular craft felt so you could sign it.  Wherever your imagination takes you!  For the tutorial, I left the back plain & just added a hanger.

17.  And there you have your hand needle felted egg.
Now if you want a chance on receiving this egg for my Blogoversary, be sure to comment on this post!  I will inform whoever I draw that day.  Then I can get your snail mail to get your spring egg to you!  Happy felting.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

1st Blogoversary Tutorial - Sunflower Study

This is a quick tutorial on how I did a study of a sunflower.

1.  First I sketched a sunflower from a reference photo & then I inked it.  The most important thing to remember is to really SEE what you are drawing!  Not what you think it looks like, but what it really looks like.  Take time to really look at your reference, even before you start sketching.
2.  Next I used watercolor pencils to add the local colors of the flower & background.

3.  Next I wet down the water color pencil with my water brushes.  Let dry.

4.  Then I used the watercolor pencils to add shadows and darken the background.
5.  Last I wet down the added colors, & here you have the finished study.  Let dry.

Here is a pic of the only tools I used.

If I were to go from the finished study to a full size painting, there may be some changes I'd make, but it gives me a great start.

Blogoversary Coming Up!

OK...I know it's 33 days away, but I decided I better get to it now.  Especially since I've made you 2 tutorials, & one can be made in time for Easter, or whatever spring holiday you want to celebrate.  On my actual Blogoversary I will draw a name from anyone who comments on my blog post about the 2nd tutorial between now and then. The person I draw will get the egg from the 2nd tutorial!  So get ready for the tutorials.  Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, April 8, 2011

More Birthday gifts and some RAAKs!

My DH got MORE gifts from a pal in HI.  And she sent me some RAAKs as well!  Woo hoo!
We sure are blessed!  Thanks pal!
Here's some pics:
A tiny tea kettle timer!
A lighted pill box!
A handmade ATC of fabric and beads!
A second handmade ATC!
A fave Hawaiian music CD!
Hawaiian spices to cook with!
And MORE spices!
Here's a grouping of his gifts.  You can see me in the tea kettle!
A grouping of some of his gifts combined with my RAAK!!
I'm sure gonna have fun with those glitter pens!

Super Full Moon

Did you guys see it?  It was just beautiful!  Now you know how I am with cameras, but I keep trying!  This was the best shot I could get...nice tiki torch huh?  LOL!

I really need practice!  Or maybe a new camera!

Happy Birthday Pal!

Been working on this since 10/2010!  And I finally finished it and got it mailed to my pal.  It started as a friendship bracelet bookmark 'cuz she loves to read, but ended with two-4 cord braids so I could add some beads and charms on the end.  Here's a couple pics:
Here's a card and the bookmark once I was done:
It was fun making this tiny card and envelope for her too.  I'm just sorry it took so long to get to her!  I don't know how many of you know this, but I was diagnosed with ME/CFS awhile back, and am busy building my immune system up.  Slows me down sometimes tho'!  But I'll be back to my old self asa I can!

It's Spring!

And our trees are blooming!
Need some practice with my camera!

The Handmade Card & Needle Felted Heart

Here's what I worked on for my DH's bday.
Handmade card & envelope:
Hand Needle Felted Love Heart:
And he liked 'em!

Happy Birthday DH!!!

My DH had a wonderful birthday back in March.  He got a handmade gift from me, as we're watching our pennies, & ate all his favorite manly foods for dinner!  Here's some pics:
First Happy Hour out on our patio on his birthday!
A box with my gift and ribbon that says I Love You, & a small envelope:
Here's his little card with charm:
Here's his hand needle felted love heart gift to hang in his man cave:
A package from his pals in WA:
He was Spammed:
And the Prince said the shoe doesn't fit:
Here's the start of his meal:
He's a happy boy!
I hope all his wishes come true!