Friday, April 22, 2011

2nd Blogoversary Tutorial - Needle Felted Egg

I was trying to figure out what to give away for my Blogoversary.  I decide to give everyone 2 tutorials.  I had to do this early in case anyone wanted to make this Needle Felted Egg for Easter, or any spring holiday.  You have time!  It only took a few hours.  (And fellow bloggers, this is the tutorial to comment on if you want to win this finished egg!)  Here we go!

1.  First I gathered my supplies, tools and a sketched egg shape.  You can barely see it!

2.  Next I cut out the inside of the egg shape to make a template.  You could also use a cookie cutter if you have one.  Place it on your foam pad.
3.  Next I started to pull out pieces of the wool roving.
4.  Then I crisscrossed the wool over the template.

5.  Next I folded the wool roving on itself to an approximate shape of the template.
6.  Now start tacking the wool down with your needle felting tool.
7.  Be sure to check and make sure the wool isn't sticking to the foam pad.  You can turn it over and do the back also.

8.  This picture is hard to see, but I am checking for holes or weak spots that need more wool.

9.  Don't forget to felt the sides.  And watch your fingers!!!  The barbs on the needle are sharp!!!

10.  Continue felting until the background is done.  It should be solid.  Mine felted down to about 3/8 inches deep.

11.  Add Lincoln curls to make wiggly stripes.  (Lincoln curls are what I used.  You can use whatever kind of wool you want.)

12.  If the curls don't seem to be attaching well, you can place a "cobweb" over the background & felt it over the curls.  Don't worry about the curls going off the edge.  You can trim them later.

13.  Pull wisps of other colors to make some dots.

14.  Fold and roll wisps into dots.

15.  Start felting dots between the curly lines.  Smaller dots need just a teeny bit of wool.

 16.  Now it's all felted & ready to hang.  Add a floss hanger...or you could use the egg on a gift, or you could back it with regular craft felt so you could sign it.  Wherever your imagination takes you!  For the tutorial, I left the back plain & just added a hanger.

17.  And there you have your hand needle felted egg.
Now if you want a chance on receiving this egg for my Blogoversary, be sure to comment on this post!  I will inform whoever I draw that day.  Then I can get your snail mail to get your spring egg to you!  Happy felting.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Peggy said...

That is so cute, CC! Glad to see you're creating. Thanks for the tutorial!

CC said...

Thanks, Peggy! Glad you liked it. Seems like some of the supplements are kicking in!
I'll put your name in the hat!
Warmest aloha,

matilda said...

è davvero bellissimo questo tutorial.
grazie cara, è da tanto tempo che avrei voluto provare a fare un oggetto di feltro. ci proverò.
grazie anche per il girasole.
spero che tu stia bene.
ti abbraccio forte e ti auguro Buona Pasqua, mAtilda

it is indeed beautifulst this tutorial. thanks my dearest, are from much time that I would have intentional to try to make a felt object. I will try to us. thanks also for the sunflower. I hope that you are well. I embrace to you strong, and happy ester

Lena said...

Aloha CC ~ looks like two folks have already beat me to it but here I am....hoping I get one, too! I love the egg and the tutorial. I haven't gotten to the felting yet but many folks here do as there is so much wool around.

Happy Easter!

CC said...

Dearest Matilda!
I cannot wait to see what you make with felt! I'm glad you liked both the tutorials!
Happy Easter!
Matilda più caro! Non posso attendere per vedere che cosa fate con feltro! Sono felice voi ho gradetto le entrambe lezioni private!
Abbracci, CC
Pasqua felice!

CC said...

Hi, Lena!
Felting is so relaxing as long as you keep your eyes on the project & watch out for your fingers. The barbs on the needles are very sharp! I bet you could felt a cute bunny! A little more involved than this simple tutorial!
How wonderful to have so much wool around! The wool here is not close, so it's just as easy for me to order online. Especially with gas prices!
Hope you are well! Happy Easter!

CC said...

Hi, Lena!
P.S. I only made the one, but you have an equal chance with everyone else! There was actually another comment, but it's in a different post. But it was about the felted tutorial! :) I don't always write the best instructions! LOL!