Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Series - "Oneness"

I forgot! There is one project I can share with you. My pal in Hawaii, the one I used to craft with in the neighborhood, and I, were trying to think how we could continue to play together. I had all sorts of ideas, but she came up with the idea of "Oneness", which is something we both are really interested in. And she's into colors for each month, so January is Violet. So I got an idea right away. Below you can see I've gotten my color wheel out & am deciding on what to put in the design.
And below you can see some of the items I've chosen to use in my piece. I may change some, & decided I needed some new acrylics, but this will definitely be a mixed media piece! I'm even using an old pendant I've hoarded forever! Paint, yarns, beads, sequins from a pal in Malaysia, floss...I can't wait to get started!
(If you click on the pic, it will enlarge so you can see my hoarded piece better!)

Friday, January 22, 2010


Every day our view of the mountains change! It's almost always sunny here, but occasionally we get some snow in the mountains. Today we started with about an inch of snow at our house, but the Winter Wonder Land was gone by 10 a.m.! We are so grateful to be living here with this wonderful view. We spend time every evening watching the sun set move up the mountains. We can tell the days are getting longer! It's a very hopeful time for us!
Plus, did I tell you all my Goddess daughter/niece is having her first baby? I'm gonna fly out to WA state to try & get there in time to see the baby born. I won't be gone long, but it's one of those things on my "bucket list".
If she doesn't wait for me, she's just gonna have to have another one!
So if I'm not on here for awhile, you'll know why.
And also why I can't show you what I've been doing lately! Tee Hee!

Break Time!

I don't think we realized how exhausted we were from the move across the Pacific, the packing, unpacking, then the holidays, decorating, baking, & still taking time to shop for things we need & run we decided we needed some time each day just to relax. We started an inexpensive pass time...these are a few more of the jigsaw puzzles that we've finished lately.
As you can see by what Ron wrote on the box, this last one was hard!
I guess when we have a bunch of these done, we can donate them somewhere.
Any ideas on good places to donate? LUK!

Dilemma Solved!

My dilemma is solved! I remembered I had purchased this hand wrought iron/metal votive light tree tower at an auction a long time ago.
So I can light this any time & remember the Light of the Holidays!

And a little of this didn't hurt!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So Christmas is over, but we're having a hard time putting away all our decorations, ornaments...and the tree! What to do? Everything is so sweet, & it's the first time in years we've been able to see our decorations! Even the one my Dad made me! Ron keeps watering the tree, & I keep using the Santa incense burner! And those Wee Folks! Christmas is really year 'round anyway, right? Well, I have the pictures now & guess I'll look forward to having even more of our decorations unpacked for next year! Yea! Happy New Year everyone!

Time Off?

And then...when we weren't busy with everything else,
or just needed a break, we worked on some jigsaw puzzles!
Here's a few we've done.
We've got a really hard one going now!

Ron's Dream Tree!

So Ron has always wanted a HUGE tree for the holidays! Must come from his days as a forester. So we went out & got our giant tree. I don't know if you've ever seen this...I hadn't...but where there was empty spots, he repaired the limb with some extra pieces the lot gave him! Dr. Ron!
Here you can see how we learned that you should put the lights on before you lift the tree up! And a comparison to my 5'4" height!
So here it is all lit up!
Now for more of the ornaments!
Uh, star on top!!!
Out comes the 16 foot ladder which I held onto for dear life
as he leaned to put the star on the top! Ack!
But here it is, all done, decorated, tinsel on & the star on top!
With wishes for Peace on Earth!

Wire Wrapping

Did alot of wire wrapping this year to give as ornaments.
I sure need some practice, & I really have to find some of my tools!
All in good time!

Season's Greetings!

Good thing we made our card a Season's Greeting card!
What with all the moving, unpacking, making cookies & presents,
decorating for the holidays, I'm amazed we got one done!
Whew! And how nice it was to be able to spread out!
So in case I didn't get a chance to tell you all,
I hope you had a happy holiday & will have a great new year!

Ron's looming? And Repair?

Guess who's sharing my studio with me? My DH has been seeing all the beautiful weaving here, knew I had a small laptop loom, & decided to try weaving!
He is fearless in his creativity!
And the other picture is some of his repair projects.
I love sharing space with him!

Before and After! Dreams come true!

We all like makeovers, right?
Well, remember this studio before?
Now here we are after...almost done. Just a few more things to add.
Here's a little tour around the room:
You walk in and to the left are wooden shelves filled with inspiration, materials to work with, art work from other art pals & some of mine in storage. Straight ahead you can see my light table where I do most of my sketching!

Continuing around the room, there is a wall devoted to all things paper, glue, scissors, etc.
To the right of that, on the next wall, are 2 tables.
The one on the left is for metal work & bead work.
The one on the right is for fabric, embroidery, sewing projects, etc.
Also some projects in bins up on top.
To the right as you turn the corner is my little table so I can have my sewing machine out all the time. And I can see over the loft to talk to my DH! As you continue on that wall is my computer section. Don't have it all set up yet. Need a new printer. Ours was ruined in the move.

And finally, before you leave the room is storage for Huckleberry Hut & Ron's envelope & card making supplies and finished projects.
And a few more things to unpack!
I have dreamt about this studio for years! It was on my life map. I'm so happy to now have room for all of my creative supplies! I've spent most of my time recently in the sketching, paper, & wire sections over the holidays!
How wonderful to have room to spread out! I am blessed!
Come make something with me!

Cookie Day 2009!

Our first Cookie Day in our new house!
I LOVE this tradition & the Italian cookies!
Here's Ron mixing the dough & me starting to knead.
By now we're kinda loopy! Lots of decorating!
Here's some of the cookies done,
and some tins ready to give to neighbors.
Hope they liked them!