Sunday, January 10, 2010


So Christmas is over, but we're having a hard time putting away all our decorations, ornaments...and the tree! What to do? Everything is so sweet, & it's the first time in years we've been able to see our decorations! Even the one my Dad made me! Ron keeps watering the tree, & I keep using the Santa incense burner! And those Wee Folks! Christmas is really year 'round anyway, right? Well, I have the pictures now & guess I'll look forward to having even more of our decorations unpacked for next year! Yea! Happy New Year everyone!


JoTee said...

Love all the photo's, Christmas looks like fun, cookie making YUM!!!
Unpacking YIKES, Good Friends FUN!!!
Getting organized looks GREAT!!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Oh my goodness!! So many pretty Christmas decorations! Lovely! No wonder you find it hard to put them away...hehee!

CC said...

Thanks sisters!
The holidays are fun at our house! That's why our tree & decorations are still up! But I think we'll take them down this weekend before I leave for WA. Then we'll give the house a good cleaning.
I'm not sure when we'll ever be done unpacking! I still can't find some of my favorite tools! Ah, well. Soon!
Love you both!

matilda said...

ola CC, this is beautiful.
all it is beautifulst

CC said...

Thank you, Matilda! Sorry I'm so late in responding, but from my blog you can see why!