Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before and After! Dreams come true!

We all like makeovers, right?
Well, remember this studio before?
Now here we are after...almost done. Just a few more things to add.
Here's a little tour around the room:
You walk in and to the left are wooden shelves filled with inspiration, materials to work with, art work from other art pals & some of mine in storage. Straight ahead you can see my light table where I do most of my sketching!

Continuing around the room, there is a wall devoted to all things paper, glue, scissors, etc.
To the right of that, on the next wall, are 2 tables.
The one on the left is for metal work & bead work.
The one on the right is for fabric, embroidery, sewing projects, etc.
Also some projects in bins up on top.
To the right as you turn the corner is my little table so I can have my sewing machine out all the time. And I can see over the loft to talk to my DH! As you continue on that wall is my computer section. Don't have it all set up yet. Need a new printer. Ours was ruined in the move.

And finally, before you leave the room is storage for Huckleberry Hut & Ron's envelope & card making supplies and finished projects.
And a few more things to unpack!
I have dreamt about this studio for years! It was on my life map. I'm so happy to now have room for all of my creative supplies! I've spent most of my time recently in the sketching, paper, & wire sections over the holidays!
How wonderful to have room to spread out! I am blessed!
Come make something with me!

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