Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Friends!

So when you need help, who shows up but good pals!
My pal, Canolli, came to help us move in!! Thank you pal!!!
We took a couple breaks that you'll see below.
First we made a stop at one of our favorite places...the Petroglyph National Monument! Here's Canolli & I in our special place, and Ron & I pointing to some petroglyph...can you tell it was staged? LOL!
Here's another staged one of my pal, but you can see some cool pets! And finally one more pic of pets. I hadn't remembered all the hands!
And to top it off, she took us out for my birthday dinner to the High Noon Saloon!
We ate in the Santos room.
The statues come from different places around the world.
It was a great dinner & a wonderful visit! Thanks again!

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