Monday, January 19, 2009


"Life's a cinch, inch by inch!" ~author unknown

Has anyone ever heard of Running Rhino & Co? I used to use their recycled paper journals when I lived in Seattle. I wanted to see if I could find them, & if they were still in business. Well, not only are they in business, but they've developed a really good licensing program. You can purchase their artwork on various items at , which I will be doing shortly! You can also learn about their licensing here. (Challis & Roos) Anyway, Leigh from EDM emailed me a grid she made to sketch inchies. (If you click on her name, you will go to her site & see what I'm talking about!) So, for my art journal, I practiced on the left using simple designs from Running Rhino for practice. Then the next day I used another part of the grid to make up some of my own doodly designs. I used colored pencil for a change & it was so relaxing! I could just sit on the couch & color like when I was a kid! I sure can tell that my style is way different than Running Rhino's, but that's OK. I like to use brighter, more intense hues, & tend to use alot of complementary colors. The point is to learn from others, but be 100% yourself! So, thank you Leigh for your inspiration with inchies! And, Running Rhino, glad to see you still in business!

Old Parrot Head for EDM 004 since it was our anniversary this week, and there was other stuff going on, I didn't get a chance to draw a mug or cup! So I decided to cheat & show one I did in 2007! Over a year ago! It was just after I'd read "Creative License" by Danny Gregory & I was getting back into sketching! I did get some "inchies" done this weekend, & will post those next! :)

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

This was a really nice 2nd wedding anniversary, so I decided to share some pics from our day!

First we shared Nui Nachos at the local brew pub...and imbibed some toasting liquids! :)

Then we went for a walk thru' the really pretty grounds. Here's some of the flowers, trees & cottages we came across. (That's Ron standing among the aerial roots!)

Here's one of the cottages we came across...surrounded in a profusion of greenery!

And, finally, here's a pic of the porch that looks out onto the lawn where you can walk down to the ocean. It was a truly wonderful way to spend the day! And now I have lots of pics I can use as inspiration for paintings!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Secret Project

Ya know how Ty Pennington has a Secret Project on Extreme Makeover? Well, I've got one going & I can't show what it is. So I'm just gathering all the materials I want to use. I love all the colors that will be in this! Hopefull, sometime soon, I'll be able to show what this all turned into! ;)

EDM 003 what is EDM 003? It's the 3rd in the weekly challenge for the Every Day Matters Group. I decided to start at the beginning of the list of challenges. Others have already done over 200! I'm tempted to start up with them, but really, the whole idea is to just get drawing, sketching, painting again! So, no matter what the # is, it's just nice to be doing some art again.

This challenge was to draw Purses, Wallets or Bags. I decided to sketch my favorite wallet - my Island Queen! Here I am starting:

Next, I decided I wanted to try a new process. So instead of a pencil sketch, followed by watercolor & maybe some ink, I decided to ink in the whole outline of everything:
I sure wish I could get that smudge off my lens, but DH thinks it's inside the camera!
Next I did some watercoloring with pencils & regular pans, which you can see here:
Next came the journaling & a question...does anyone else's water brush just stop flowing for no apparent reason??? You can see mine in this photo...I even let it lie upside down in the hopes it would release more water! I just can't squeeze it any harder!!!
And here's the final challenge done:
I really wish you could see the rich colors in this, but a great photographer I'm not! :) And you wouldn't believe how many people have asked about this wallet! I've only met one other person who had one & she said it was a limited edition in 2000. Mine's missing a few beads, & is pretty worn, here & there, but it's still my fave!

December BJP

The Crossroads Rune
The Crossroads, also called Crossed Spears, was generally considered an evil omen by some. But when it appears, it's not all bad. Especially for those who embrace change. Universally, this symbol seems to have brought out feelings of anxiety and unease. It's a time to expect opposition. A new course of action, once decided, will help you move forward. It may seem like a lonely time. You may experience frustrations and delays before manifesting your goals. The Crossroads represent how we fall victim to desires which really have little to do with our happiness and spiritual growth. It's time to look at the big picture and allow dreams to generate energy on their own. It's time for hard work to achieve the success that you can enjoy later. You may need to abandon a plan that seems plagued by misfortune or bad timing...but maybe only your approach, not your goal. You may feel lack of sympathy from others. You may have to defend what is yours. It's also a time when everything slows down to a crawl...yet any effort you put forth at present will be lasting & enduring. You will see that during this time you have gained courage and wisdom to meet such challenges in the future. Your will is being tested. But remember that you are putting down foundations for your future. If you feel held back, it's important to realize that this is probably for a good reason. Standing at the crossroads is the Grandmother - or Grandfather- spirit, the wizened one who holds the silvery cup of knowledge and discernment that you need. This wisdom is gained through trial and error, insight learned only through hardship and mistakes. Which path should you take? The one that leads ahead - not back- and into the future. In summary, this rune indicates a more difficult path where things are not so easy. It stands for slow, but substantial gains. This rune stresses basic concerns, the bottom line, solitude, and reassessing your losses. However, you will soon discover innate strengths and resources. What you achieve by hard work will have a deeper meaning than wins you gain from lucky breaks.
The traditional monthly birthstone for December is Blue Zircon. I used the closest color I had to it for the background, & added a complementary gold for the symbol itself. It's pretty synchronistic how these runes are showing up in my life at just the exact moment that the meaning becomes obvious in my plans & goals! I am at a crossroads in so many ways right now. So I'm gonna take it nice & slow! And keep defending what is rightfully mine!
Again, all info adapted from "The Witch's Runes" by, Susan Sheppard

Harvest Time Already!

I can't believe we are already harvesting from Ron's garden! We had a capful of beans on the 5th already, & today he brought in these fresh snowpeas. I love how you can see thru' the pod to the little peas! And everything tastes so good! We didn't even wait to take a picture of the beans! We just steamed 'em & scarfed 'em down! Yummy! All this in just over one month!

Friday, January 2, 2009

EDM 002 Quick Sketch a hurry today, so not much time for sketching! But I did it! Not very exciting, but it's an accomplishment for me none the less! I'm finding that the sketch moleskines don't hold alot of watercolor washes, so I don't get the darks I'm after. I may have to eventually go to watercolor moleskines like I've used before. I tape a piece of watercolor paper to the left side of the book which helps me see how the colors would work on that paper. I like it much better!
Off to a Holiday Happy Hour!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


So, I decided to start the New Year with my art journal, getting back into drawing & painting. What a totally fun & relaxing day! I had attempted to join the EDM (Every Day Matters) yahoo group earlier in the day only to find out that Danny posted a "Gone Drawing" sketch to his blog! It made me laugh! But, whether I'm a member or not, there's a list out there of 200 things to draw. The first one was a shoe. Well, I have this tiny pair of ruby red slippers that a friend gave me to remind me that I always had the power. I thought it would be fun to do one of them. I soon discovered there are a bazillion colors of red!!! So my sketch ended up being a more red-orange slipper! But I did put some oro rico on the edge of the bow, so there is some real sparkle to it anyway! Ha! Then I did a bunch of tiny squares of different techniques with pen & watercolor just to get back into the swing of things. This is going to be a very fun, productive year! Yea!