Monday, January 19, 2009


"Life's a cinch, inch by inch!" ~author unknown

Has anyone ever heard of Running Rhino & Co? I used to use their recycled paper journals when I lived in Seattle. I wanted to see if I could find them, & if they were still in business. Well, not only are they in business, but they've developed a really good licensing program. You can purchase their artwork on various items at , which I will be doing shortly! You can also learn about their licensing here. (Challis & Roos) Anyway, Leigh from EDM emailed me a grid she made to sketch inchies. (If you click on her name, you will go to her site & see what I'm talking about!) So, for my art journal, I practiced on the left using simple designs from Running Rhino for practice. Then the next day I used another part of the grid to make up some of my own doodly designs. I used colored pencil for a change & it was so relaxing! I could just sit on the couch & color like when I was a kid! I sure can tell that my style is way different than Running Rhino's, but that's OK. I like to use brighter, more intense hues, & tend to use alot of complementary colors. The point is to learn from others, but be 100% yourself! So, thank you Leigh for your inspiration with inchies! And, Running Rhino, glad to see you still in business!


bubblemunch said...

This is such a beautiful and bright journal page.
The 'inchies' sound like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

you really are an amazing artist, CC. Love your cup in the previous post. Might take up the inchies idea as I really need to get back to drawing!

CC said...

Yep, the inchies really are fun & relaxing!
Amazing artist? Wow! I'm blushing! Thanks so much for the compliment! Now I really have to do more work! :)
Warmest aloha to you both!

Womankind said...

Looks like fun!
~ NAncy

freebird said...

What a great journal page it turns out to be! I love your colors and designs (I think better than the rhino-designs).

CC said...

Ah, freebird! It's your bright personality that likes those colors! :D Thank you!
Warmest aloha,
P.S. IS fun!!! :D

purplepaint said...

I like your sketches better! Beautiful!!! Love all the colors! Marva

CC said...

Aw, thanks Marva! You must like brighter colors sometimes too!
Warmest aloha,