Friday, January 9, 2009

Harvest Time Already!

I can't believe we are already harvesting from Ron's garden! We had a capful of beans on the 5th already, & today he brought in these fresh snowpeas. I love how you can see thru' the pod to the little peas! And everything tastes so good! We didn't even wait to take a picture of the beans! We just steamed 'em & scarfed 'em down! Yummy! All this in just over one month!


Azlina Abdul said...

Sweetie!!! Those snow peas looks so delicious!! I could just eat them!!! I remember when I was young I used to grow a type of green pea as well...not snow peas but it's a kind of green pea that we use here to make sweet porridge that we eat during tea time. Congratulations to you and Ron for the success of growing and harvesting the green peas! Enjoy!

CC said...

Hi, Sweetie!
Yep, they were good! I want to grow some regular sugar peas too! I love to pick them raw out of the shell & eat them in the garden! I'll have to get your porridge recipe! ;) You may need to write a cook book!