Friday, January 9, 2009

EDM 003 what is EDM 003? It's the 3rd in the weekly challenge for the Every Day Matters Group. I decided to start at the beginning of the list of challenges. Others have already done over 200! I'm tempted to start up with them, but really, the whole idea is to just get drawing, sketching, painting again! So, no matter what the # is, it's just nice to be doing some art again.

This challenge was to draw Purses, Wallets or Bags. I decided to sketch my favorite wallet - my Island Queen! Here I am starting:

Next, I decided I wanted to try a new process. So instead of a pencil sketch, followed by watercolor & maybe some ink, I decided to ink in the whole outline of everything:
I sure wish I could get that smudge off my lens, but DH thinks it's inside the camera!
Next I did some watercoloring with pencils & regular pans, which you can see here:
Next came the journaling & a question...does anyone else's water brush just stop flowing for no apparent reason??? You can see mine in this photo...I even let it lie upside down in the hopes it would release more water! I just can't squeeze it any harder!!!
And here's the final challenge done:
I really wish you could see the rich colors in this, but a great photographer I'm not! :) And you wouldn't believe how many people have asked about this wallet! I've only met one other person who had one & she said it was a limited edition in 2000. Mine's missing a few beads, & is pretty worn, here & there, but it's still my fave!


Azlina Abdul said...

Such a beautiful drawing and watercolor painting!You draw beautifully dear! I love it! I think if you could draw any subject and color your drawings like this and paste it on a greeting card, many people would want to buy them!!! It's so pretty!

Robin said...

Beautiful drawing/painting, CC!!!! I like your take on the EDM project... every one (and even if it turns out to be only three) helps! Robin A.

Shirley said...

Love the wallet! The "small" size Niji waterbrush gets clogged pretty easily. Unscrew the brush and hold the brush end so you can look down inside it (opposite end from brush). Get a long thin needle, and insert it into the tiny circular opening that you can see inside the space. It may take several passes of the needle in and out of the hole, but that is usally enough to get it flowing again.

Shelley said...

I'm new to blog yet, nothing posted. Your comment about Kauai caught my eye as I lived on Maui for 11 years (now in Oregon and missing the islands this winter!).

I love your Island purse, and the way you showed your process of drawing, coloring, and painting it.

Great sketch, and a welcome taste of aloha on this cold winter day here.


CC said...

Thanks, Lin! I used to sell cards a long time ago! And I still do sometimes! ;)

And yep, Robin, every one counts! Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks, Shirley, for the info! I'm gonna try it, plus all the other hints I got on EDM! I sure hope it works!!!

Mauai for 11 years Shelley? Wow! I bet you are cold in Oregon this year! I have inlaws there! And in Washington. I'm glad I could send you a little aloha!


Shelley said...

Actually I've been in Oregon for 10 years now, so I'm used to the climate, although this IS the winter of extreme weather, including 18" of snow in December. I do have "tropical attacks" now and again, and find myself longing for anything that reminds me of Hawaii. I'm so glad I found your blog!


freebird said...

Great job CC. I have trouble keeping the brush flowing too. I use it for wetting down water color pencils and don't need it to be too wet but still it gets frustrating. I give it a slight squeeze to get it going again (it's not supposed to need any squeezing).

I see you got the logo on your page. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I am still spotty at blogging as I am still visiting family from Christmas (some came home from Kauai and Maui for a visit) and that means I've done almost no art stuff whatsoever either. It's definitely time to get back into everything.

CC said...

Hi, Shelley!
You guys really are having THE weather this year! Yikes!

And freebird???? You have family on Maui & Kauai? Did I know this & have a senior moment!??? Yikes! I hope you get back to playing soon!

Warmest aloha,

purplepaint said...

I love your sketches! They're so beautifully colored! Your beadwork is amazing too! One of these days maybe I'll be able to do a totally beaded something without my hands going numb... :) Marva