Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


So, I decided to start the New Year with my art journal, getting back into drawing & painting. What a totally fun & relaxing day! I had attempted to join the EDM (Every Day Matters) yahoo group earlier in the day only to find out that Danny posted a "Gone Drawing" sketch to his blog! It made me laugh! But, whether I'm a member or not, there's a list out there of 200 things to draw. The first one was a shoe. Well, I have this tiny pair of ruby red slippers that a friend gave me to remind me that I always had the power. I thought it would be fun to do one of them. I soon discovered there are a bazillion colors of red!!! So my sketch ended up being a more red-orange slipper! But I did put some oro rico on the edge of the bow, so there is some real sparkle to it anyway! Ha! Then I did a bunch of tiny squares of different techniques with pen & watercolor just to get back into the swing of things. This is going to be a very fun, productive year! Yea!


JoTee said...

My goodness the Hawaii Christmas Elves & the Peyton's have been busy being creative!
What a treat to visit your blog & get caught up with the happenings over on the Island.
I love all the bead work, ATC cards & the cookies & especially your "journal artwork".
We loved the "handmade" card that you sent, treasure it always.
Wishing you all a very
"Happy New Year"

The Happy Painter said...

I love your EDM shoe! I am jealous that you are warm though. It's very chilly here in Canada.

A fellow WDM member,


CC said...

Hi, JoTee! Yep, we have been busy, but getting ready to concentrate more on art now that the holiday season is over! Whew!

And Hi, Donna! Glad you like my shoe! ;) I was so surprised to see that someone already checked me out! Thanks! Try to stay warm up there in the Great White North! I remember visiting pals in Edmonton in the winter & thought I'd only need one color to paint it! So bundle up!

Warmest aloha to you both!

Shirley said...

Welcome to EDM. It is a fabulous, very active group, and I doubt that will change over the next months. Your shoe is lovely. What did you put around the bow to make it sparkle?

Anonymous said...

Great shoe! I also like the colours on the other page very much. Welcome to everydaymatters

CC said...

Hi, Shirley & quirkyartist! Thanks for the welcome! It's really nice to hear!
On the bow I put something I got in Seattle long ago. It's called tempera extrafine...and the color is 941 Oro Ricco - rich gold. I know this stuff doesn't show online, but I can see it sparkle! ;)
Warmest aloha,

Azlina Abdul said... have a good thing going just inspired me again! :) Love the red shoe,gorgeous!

CC said...

Hi, Sweetie! Glad you liked my red shoe! You inspire me too!