Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Greetings!

So I don't know how you all get your holiday cards out, but I ask my DH to make me some paper & some stars! And he did just that! He made the stars out of lauhala. Here's a close up...please excuse the smudge that's still on my camera lens!!!
Here he is in production!
After all of that, it was easy to find a greeting to add to the inside, & then sign & address the cards & envelopes! How blessed am I to have such a creative partner! Thanks, honey! And a very Happy New Year to everyone!


Womankind said...

Sooooo cool! And I didn't realize that Ron helped with your cards. I LOVED mine! Tahnks you guys. You're the BEST!


CC said...

Hi, Nancy!
Yep...he is so creative & I am blessed that you hooked the 2 of us up! Keep listening to that inner voice! And have a wonderful, safe journey!
P.S. He was disappointed that the paper didn't turn out as dark as I wanted, but I was just so happy to have our very own handmade paper!!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Sweetie! The blue handmade paper is gorgeous!!! I love that blue colour and I think what Ron did is so cool!!! Love the stars too!

CC said...

Lin! Did you get yours yet? I'll email to find out! I know how our mailings have been lately!