Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cookie Day!!!

Cookie Day!

In our family we have a tradition called Cookie Day that my Italian Grandma started when she came to this country. She would make traditional Italian cookies to give to neighbors at Christmas. Well, over the years this tradition grew & evolved as new family members came along! Different members wanted different kinds of cookies! So now we make all different kinds of cookies...but the main cookie is still what we call Italian Finger Cookies!

We choose a date early in December that we all can get together & matter where we live! And that includes all the MEN in the family! (They make excellent kneaders, stirrers of batter & frosters!)

So this year Ron & I made our cookies in Hawaii. We made the gingerbread people & finger cookies you see above & directly below.

Then in Washington State, my family, some friends & neighbors all got together on the same day at my sister's house! They never took a picture of all the final cookies, but every table & counter was covered. Here they are covering one table with foil to get ready for cookies...and my nephew is mixing up a big batch of finger cookies!

This was my great-niece's first year of really helping! She truly was an Angel Helper with her mom at her side! (Notice those guys forming cookies too!)

And of course her Auntie, & Goddessmother, had to get up close & personal with helping her!

Finally we have my sister transferring cookies & my mom dipping some others in powdered sugar.

One of my nieces made pasta for everyone to eat for dinner, & my sister made chili. (We had Ron's invention of hot dogs in cookie dough! It's really good!) We all had to get some good energy since this event takes all day & goes well into the night! Then everyone gets to take a whole bunch home to share with their neighbors! We put ours in decorated tins & packages to deliver to our neighbors here in Hawaii. I am so grateful that my Grandma started this tradition so many years ago, & now we have 4 generations continuing her legacy!
Here's to you, Grandma!


Azlina Abdul said...

Such a wonderful tradition! Love it! I hope I will be able to start one soon! :)

CC said...

I hope you will too! It will be fun to see what you make!