Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! (Vegans Beware!)

We decided this year to start Thanksgiving early!  
So yesterday my DH roasted this great bird!
And he even made some gluten free gravy!
So today we're having turkey soup.
On Thanksgiving we'll have all the fixings.
And there will still be lots of leftovers!
Hope you all have a peaceful & blessed day!

Got you, my pretty!

Some say Dorothy made it back to Kansas!
Muah ha ha!  Check out those ruby reds!
And while you're at it,
Check out my moldy shoes next to my broom.
Hope you all had a happy Halloween,
Samhain, Shadow Fest, Dia de los Muertos, 
or whatever you celebrate!


This is a mixed media piece I made 
to thank people for the support they've given to me.
I got some Inktense watercolor pencils,
but they weren't acting as I was lead to believe.
So hence, mixed media.
Used some colored pencils, other watercolor pencils,
ink, gouache, etc.
So thanks to all of you who have supported me!

Blue plate & White Geranium

My dear friend gave me this blue plate awhile back.
Then a dear friend of hers passed away.
She shared one of his white geraniums with me.
But it wasn't doing well with the other geraniums.
So I put it next to her blue plate and,
lo, and behold, it bloomed!  
It's very happy now!

Carnations & a wildflower

Here's some of the last of our carnations.  
They sure are hardy!

 And here is a wildflower in our back yard.  
Not sure what it's called.

Here's a close up if anyone can figure out what it is!

I've been RAAKed again!

I am in an online group that recently had a bead exchange.  One of the participants made a bracelet called Pandora.  I loved it!  I tried to find the findings here in the U.S., but the silver ones were expensive!  Like $25.00 a piece, plus the special bracelet, caps, etc.  So she decided to send me the findings in a metal that doesn't tarnish.  Yea!  AND she also made me a very unique necklace which you can see on the right of my bead board.  AND she sent me a large piece of amber to use in healing!  What a generous spirit she is!  So now, once I get all the beads in, I'll be RTG on making my own bracelet!
The Pandora style was created by a man in Denmark.  Here is a pic of the one my online pal made.  Isn't it great?!
She had never done jewelry work before!  I couldn't believe it.  
Thank you dear friend!

One of the Last Hummingbirds

Every year we feed the hummingbirds.
This was one of the last ones to migrate to Mexico.
See you next year, little fella!

More of the Rose Tradition

I'm kinda getting used to having roses on some Fridays.  
It's a nice Mexican tradition.
My DH even put a few up in my studio!  He's so sweet!

Ornament for a pal

This year my DH & I decided to each try something new that we'd never done before.  I picked this sequin/bead satin ornament.  It looked pretty & easy.  Ha!  I had to have my DH come up to the studio to help me.  And even he said the instructions didn't make sense!  I admire people who can make these.  Not sure I'll make another one.  This one goes to a pal for her birthday.  Hope she likes it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Soap Saver

My sis saw the soap saver I made for my DH & wanted one for her DH.  Apparently he's a sliver saver too!  But she wanted hers larger than the one I had made, so the layers of yarn took on a different pattern.  
But here it is anyway:

Flannel Hearts WIP

Been working on some flannel hearts.  Want to sew & clip a bunch up before I throw them in the washer & dryer.  When they're done, the hemmed edges will be all curly.  Here's the process:

Make a template, cut out hearts, pin & sew hem

Sew hem


Sew Opening Closed

Clip hemmed edges being careful not to cut stitching

One flannel heart done & ready to get curly

Now I just need to finish sewing up the rest
then wash & dry them to their curliness!  :)

Miracle Talisman

I finally finished this "Miracle" talisman!  And you can't see in the picture that the word bead says Miracle!  Ah, well.  Here's a pic anyway:

Lavender Needle Felted Heart

I've been working off and on with this piece since June!  It's going to a very special person who is to be named maybe later!  :)
Here's some pics:

Sewing bag to needle felted heart

Back side filled with lavender

Front side & back side sewn together


We had so many rainbows in Kaua'i, but I hadn't realized how many we'd have here.  It's a big sky! Here's a pic of a double one:

Messenger Ravens

We've had some new "messengers" come to visit us.  These were the only ones I got pics of...I missed the owl & the prairie falcon that flew right at me!  So here's some pics:

Tangling with a pal!

My pal came up from T or C and we both tangled some.  Learning some new tangles based on some online and some of our own.  Here are some of my tangles:

Lammas First Harvest

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged.  A lot going on.  So this is gonna just be a quick catch up.
First there was Lammas...first harvest.  And ours was basil!  We dried some, froze some and ate some!  Here's some pics:
And we have a bunch more to use up!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

And a big thank you to all who served our country!

And the winner is...

Marvin K!!!  
My DH & I put all the names of people who posted or emailed about the Shabby Heart in one of our Tibetan singing bowls.  Then he did the drawing!  He hopes no one gets mad at him.  LOL!  Thanks to everyone for their Blogoversary wishes.  Good luck next year!

Ack! Forgot one more thing!

The annular solar eclipse!  We did our small pinprick in paper thing to look at the shadow, but then realized our tree's leaves had become little cameras too!  They showed a gazillion images of the eclipse on our house & garage.  Here's a few pics:

Forgot one thing!

Been busy & forgot to show the pics of the big full moon from the beginning of the month.  Here's a couple pics from NM.  It was beautiful!

But our new plants survived!

We were concerned about the new plants we'd just potted.  They took a beating in the wind & smoke.  But they survived, and Sunday was a blue sky day!  I guess the jet stream changed, and the winds calmed down.  I'm sure the fire fighters are happy about that!  Here's our beauties:

New Mexico Fires and Wind

One of the things about NM is that if there are fires, the wind can carry the smoke everywhere.  This last Friday, the jet stream headed right for ABQ & the winds were high.  So this is what we saw from our home.  Those aren't clouds.
And the very next day, this is what we saw.    You can't even see the mountains.  We had an Environmental Health Dept. alert telling us to stay inside.  You could really smell the smoke!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Blogger Issues

Hi, all!  Apparently there are some issues with the new blogger set up.  So if you are having problems commenting on my blog, just send me an email, which you will find on my blog, and I will enter you for a chance to win the small gift!  Good luck!
Ciao, tutti! Apparentemente ci sono alcune edizioni con la nuova messa a punto del blogger. Così se stiate avendo problemi che commentate il mio blog, appena trasmettami un email, che troverete sul mio blog e lo registrerò affinchè una probabilità vinca il piccolo regalo! Buona fortuna!

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Hi everyone!

It's Happy Blogoversary to me today!  Yahoo!  I've been so busy with an online workshop I hardly even realized it!  But I do have a small offering.  Above is a Shabby Heart Sachet that has a bit of lavender in it.  Smells really nice & relaxing!  So the deal is if you make a comment on this post before Monday, the 28th, my DH & I will draw the name of the winner on Memorial Day.  Then once I get the snail mail of the person who won, I will send it off to you!  
So comment away 
and best wishes for a Happy Memorial Day! soon as I can, I'll start putting up some more posts!  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is with the weather????? here it goes...
On Sunday, 4/1/12 it was in the 80s.  Nice.  
Sat out on the patio for Happy Hour!
On Monday, 4/2/12 it rained.  
Hmmm...sat on the sofa for Happy Hour.
Now today, Tuesday, 4/3/12 this is what we got:
Snow in April!  Gotta love it.  But what gives?
Hope our trees & plants are OK.
Some have already blossomed!