Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Hi everyone!

It's Happy Blogoversary to me today!  Yahoo!  I've been so busy with an online workshop I hardly even realized it!  But I do have a small offering.  Above is a Shabby Heart Sachet that has a bit of lavender in it.  Smells really nice & relaxing!  So the deal is if you make a comment on this post before Monday, the 28th, my DH & I will draw the name of the winner on Memorial Day.  Then once I get the snail mail of the person who won, I will send it off to you!  
So comment away 
and best wishes for a Happy Memorial Day! soon as I can, I'll start putting up some more posts!  


Unknown said...

OH! It's so pretty and I love winning contests so I had to comment! This is a cool idea too! Fun!
Thanks for doing this for us all!
Have a great weekend!
Love - Caren :)

Peggy in Paradise said...

Happy Blogoversary! I have enjoyed your blog so much over the years. Enter me! I'd love to win one of your special hearts.

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, CC. Who doesn't love hearts? What a lovely giveaway.

Love, Jos

Jody said...

oh boy I hope it is me, I wanna win the HEART!!! I love to win, I don't win much in real life...
Happy Blogoversary. Love you Hugs Just Me Your older Sister

Carole said...

CC: I love your Shabby Heart and the lavender would smell wonderful in my new closet or dresser drawers after I move to my new home in June! So, I will keep my fingers crossed for the drawing!

I do love your blog and wish you not only a Happy Blogoversary, but much happy blogging ahead! You are so creative, CC, it is always a pleasure to see what you are up to. P. S. The music isn't bad either! Love you, Carole

H.E. Curtis said...

Awesome!!! I can just see my youngest with this she would be thrilled to death! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!

matilda said...

Sono ancora in tempo? Have l many time? Happy blogversary!

CC said...

Thanks to all who commented and sent emails! And thanks for all the Blogoversary wishes! We had the drawing this morning and Marvin K won!
Matilda! I am so sorry, but the deadline was yesterday. More luck next year!

Ringraziamenti a tutti che commentino e trasmettano i email! E ringraziamenti per tutti i desideri di Blogoversary! Abbiamo avuti l'illustrazione questa mattina e Marvin K ha vinto! Matilda! Sono così spiacente, ma la scadenza era ieri. Più fortuna l'anno prossimo!