Friday, January 9, 2009

December BJP

The Crossroads Rune
The Crossroads, also called Crossed Spears, was generally considered an evil omen by some. But when it appears, it's not all bad. Especially for those who embrace change. Universally, this symbol seems to have brought out feelings of anxiety and unease. It's a time to expect opposition. A new course of action, once decided, will help you move forward. It may seem like a lonely time. You may experience frustrations and delays before manifesting your goals. The Crossroads represent how we fall victim to desires which really have little to do with our happiness and spiritual growth. It's time to look at the big picture and allow dreams to generate energy on their own. It's time for hard work to achieve the success that you can enjoy later. You may need to abandon a plan that seems plagued by misfortune or bad timing...but maybe only your approach, not your goal. You may feel lack of sympathy from others. You may have to defend what is yours. It's also a time when everything slows down to a crawl...yet any effort you put forth at present will be lasting & enduring. You will see that during this time you have gained courage and wisdom to meet such challenges in the future. Your will is being tested. But remember that you are putting down foundations for your future. If you feel held back, it's important to realize that this is probably for a good reason. Standing at the crossroads is the Grandmother - or Grandfather- spirit, the wizened one who holds the silvery cup of knowledge and discernment that you need. This wisdom is gained through trial and error, insight learned only through hardship and mistakes. Which path should you take? The one that leads ahead - not back- and into the future. In summary, this rune indicates a more difficult path where things are not so easy. It stands for slow, but substantial gains. This rune stresses basic concerns, the bottom line, solitude, and reassessing your losses. However, you will soon discover innate strengths and resources. What you achieve by hard work will have a deeper meaning than wins you gain from lucky breaks.
The traditional monthly birthstone for December is Blue Zircon. I used the closest color I had to it for the background, & added a complementary gold for the symbol itself. It's pretty synchronistic how these runes are showing up in my life at just the exact moment that the meaning becomes obvious in my plans & goals! I am at a crossroads in so many ways right now. So I'm gonna take it nice & slow! And keep defending what is rightfully mine!
Again, all info adapted from "The Witch's Runes" by, Susan Sheppard


Robin said...

Thanks, CC, for the rune information... I've never known anything about them, except for a few mentions in literature. If you ever have the time to write more, I'd very much like to know what personal meaning you take from this particular rune... what crossroads you're at right now and how you're dealing with the decisions that need to be made. Your beading and color choices are lovely! Robin A.

pam T said...

very cool! I feel sometimes I am at a constant crossroads, but maybe I need to stop and reassess....... very informative, CC!

heidibeads said...

Your Crossroads is great CC - I love reading about your runes each month. You've been a busy girl with your drawing, painting and elving. Happy New Year to you. I hope it continues to be very creative...........Hugs, Heidi

CC said...

You're welcome, Robin! I have several sets of different runes & use them occasionally. As for the personal meaning on this particular rune, I really can't write more about it at this time since not everyone on my blog update list knows what's happening & I wouldn't want to say anything to upset people. Sorry!
And Pam, I'm glad you got something from the rune! :)
And Heidi...yep, I've been a VERY busy girl! ;) But it's all fun!
Warmest aloha to you all!