Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Parrot Head for EDM 004 since it was our anniversary this week, and there was other stuff going on, I didn't get a chance to draw a mug or cup! So I decided to cheat & show one I did in 2007! Over a year ago! It was just after I'd read "Creative License" by Danny Gregory & I was getting back into sketching! I did get some "inchies" done this weekend, & will post those next! :)


purplepaint said...

This is great! I was thinking I have that same mug as I scrolled down, but instead of a parot head mine has Dick Tracy. :) Marva

CC said...

It was an oldie...I really need to do a new one!
That Dick Tracy mug must be worth alot! :)
Warmest aloha,