Saturday, February 7, 2009

She earned her wings!

Back in mid September, when I started up with the new BJP, I showed a pal how I do the off-loom square stitch. She had never beaded off-loom before. By our next meeting, she had finished pieces on her own! And just around the holidays, she started on a really intensive piece! I'd NEVER attempt a pattern that complicated! So I figured she'd earned her wings rather quickly...and so, for Christmas, I made her this ornament I'd designed just for her. I forgot to take a pic of it until after I gave it to her. Hence the late post. But it's just amazing to me what some people can do with a little help! Yikes!!!


freebird said...

What a neat idea. Earning her wings! A little encouragement goes a long ways and I'm sure you gave that to her along with the lesson.

CC said...

Thanks freebird! :)
She picks up on things so quickly! It's just amazing! Whether it's beading, crochet, painting...she's got loads of talent! But encouragement does help!!! Like you help me!
Warmest aloha,