Friday, February 27, 2009

Raku Pot

A long time ago in Seattle, I had the opportunity to try out raku at a local pottery shop. We each got our slab, & I decided to make a handkerchief pot! The teacher thought I was nuts! She said for sure it would break in the firing! But I REALLY wanted it, so I went for it. And it survived! I can't remember the glaze I used, but I loved all the different colors that came out after it came out of the trashcan! So many colors & textures. I had made a hole in the side 'cuz I knew I'd want to embellish it later with beads & feathers. I just love it!
The reason I'm posting this is 'cuz my pal in Malaysia & I talked the other day. She is a card maker in Kuala Lumpur. You can see her at her site here. Anyway, she'd gone to school to learn ceramics & misses working with it. I told her I'd only done raku once & loved it. I promised I'd post a pic for her, so this one's for you, Lin!!! Check out all the different colors!!!


Azlina Abdul said...

WOW! Thank you CC for sharing the photos of the Raku pot with me! I think this looks so special, one of a kind! I've never done Raku before...and I love to see the colors of the glaze on the pot as it comes out from the firing. Great job! You are not nuts sweetie, you are super talented! Yay!

CC said...

I love the colors too! It's just amazing!!!

JoTee said...

Very interesting Raku pot, figures that you would want to do more decorating with beads, etc....very lovely pot indeed...huggies

CC said...

I always have to embellish things! :) You know me well!