Friday, February 27, 2009

Artisan Bread in a Dutch Oven

My husband just redeemed my faith in his creative, talented cooking! OMG! We got this recipe out of a Mother Earth News catalog, & it is the BEST!!! It's cooked in a dutch oven, & has the texture of ciabatta bread! Ooooo, can't wait to get some in dipping sauce...a little extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar....ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yummm! I think he needs to start his own blog!!!


Azlina Abdul said... definitely are in good company hehehe....isn't it great to have someone around who can cook good food for you? How cool is that? I agree with you, I think Ron should have his own blog too and share his cooking experience with everyone :)

CC said...

I know! I got a good one!!! I'm very blessed!

JoTee said...

Oh, the bread looks delicious, it is wonderful to have a hubby who loves to cook, Terry does to.

CC said...

It is just wonderful!!!
Glad Terry likes to cook too! Aren't we the lucky ones??? ;)