Friday, February 27, 2009

BJP So Far!

Robin, our fearless leader in the BJP group, asked if I'd show where I'm at so far with my beading for this year's project. I haven't finished February yet, but this is how it looks so far. You can compare where I'm at with my original sketch. I think it's gonna be very colorful in the end. The center "All Seeing Eye" will have some of all the colors of each of the runes. You can see more about the BJP project here. There are actually 3 blogs of beautiful beadwork you can check out if you'd like.


heidibeads said...

CC - this is gonna be really cool when it's done and put together. Are you going to make a journal cover, wall hanging or something else out of it? It's nice to be able to know where you're going - I certainly don't! Love all the color and symbols.

CC said...

I'm gonna make a hanging for the window so I can see how the light shines thru' the beads! If it starts to discolor, I'll hang it on a wall or door! ;)
I always sketch things out like this unless it's gonna be improvisational. Then I don't have a clue where I'll go either!
Warmest aloha!

Robin said...

Thanks, CC! This will be so fab when it's finished. I love your idea of hanging it in a window... it'll read just like stained glass. Since you're thinking you'll do it that way, you can pretest your beads. Anything that is transparent colored glass (not color-lined or color-coated) will not fade in sunlight. If in doubt, put the beads you're thinking of using in a lid and set them out in direct sunlight for a couple of days. Then compare them to the remainder of the lot. You probably already knew that... I like your sketch! Thanks for posting the group! Robin A.

Marty S said...

Very cool! It's so interesting to see all of the beautiful pieces together.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

CC said...

Thanks, Marty! I hope it all looks good when it's gone!
Warmest aloha,