Friday, February 27, 2009

Secret Project Revealed!

So, a year ago, I promised to Pay It Forward to the first 3 bloggers who signed up to also PIF. I wasn't sure what I'd make, & then I saw "Friendship Dolls" online. The pattern was developed by Jill Maas, & you can find it here. She lets you use the pattern for free.
But I know myself & I had to change things up! First I had to make some faces from molds & paint them. Then of course there's the beading around the face. I also wanted to do a funky rolled edge instead of turning the dolls. And I wanted to put a pocket on the back for wishes!
Now that all 3 of my blogger pals have told me they got their dolls, I can finally let you in on that secret project. Here's some of the process as I made them.

I hope they enjoy their dolls. I stuffed 'em with natural cotton & a little lavender for comfort. There's a little saying that goes with the doll, & I think I included them all. Here it is:

Hearts for Love
Kisses for Wishes
Beads for Joys
Flowers for Growth
Colors for Happiness
Gold thread for Health
Stitched with Friendship and
Wrapped with Love.


Azlina Abdul said...

Yay! I got the blue one! Loved it! Thanks so much dear!


CC said...

Glad you liked it sweetie!

JoTee said...

Yours truly received the red one, I just love it, from a very treasured friend & talented ya!

heidibeads said...

And I got the green one! She's going with me to my Fabric Mangler meeting today for show and tell. Everyone's gonna want one! but mine's special. Thanks CC!

Womankind said...

What a cool idea! You are sooooo darned creative my friend. You GO grlfriend!

~ Lovre,

CC said...

Hi! I'm glad you both liked your dolls too!
What the heck is a Fabric Mangler, and what do they do at meetings???
You're all welcome!
And, thanks, Ms. Nancy!
Warmest aloha,

heidibeads said...

CC - Fabric Manglers are a small group of very talented women who started out by making fabric art dolls now we just create. Yesterday we made polymer snowmen pins. We've been getting together for 20 years, I think - it's been a long time! Thanks for asking. Hugs to you!