Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time Off?

And then...when we weren't busy with everything else,
or just needed a break, we worked on some jigsaw puzzles!
Here's a few we've done.
We've got a really hard one going now!


Azlina Abdul said...

CC!!WOW!!! I love doing jigsaw puzzles too!!! I have done a few of them years ago and framed them on the walls. Gosh...looking at these photos makes me feel like doing one now! But, need to find a new one coz I don't have one available that's not been framed yet hehehe! It'll be something I will do this year most definitely! Will put that in my list! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

CC said...

Aren't they fun? And sometimes frustrating! LOL! Ron thought about framing them, but I was thinking of donating them. Like maybe to a hospital waiting room, doctor's office, or somewhere you have to wait a long time. But if they won't take them, maybe we could donate them to the thrift stores. We'll see!