Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zentangle? Doodle? Zendalas?

Recently a pal told me she was making Zentangles.  Say what?
So I got online and found tons of information on them.
Remember when you were a kid and you got that peechee for school?
And you doodled all over it? 
Well, that's kind of the idea behind Zentangles.
It's a very relaxing process, hence the Zen,
with a bunch of different
tangles/doodles that make a piece of art.
One company even made a business out of it.
You can find their site here.
You can also find various patterns here.
Others make Zendalas (like mandalas) or free form doodle art.
I'm having fun learning some of the Zentangle patterns,
but I always seem to relax & add my own patterns.
Here's my first practice pieces in a cheap sketchbook. 
You can see I learned why they use specific paper & pens!
  You get lots of splotches with cheap pens.
To zoom in, click the pic.
Here's my second attempt in one of my moleskines.
I've doodled since I was little, but it is fun to learn new patterns.
Mostly, it's a very relaxing form of art.  Ahhh...


Jody said...

I need the pens & the paper & then Zentangle here I come...very relaxing doodling or zentangling!!

matilda said...

mia cara sono splendidi!!!
mi fa piacere sentirti di nuovo in forma. ti abbraccio forte, mAtilda

CC said...

Hi, Jody!
I love the relaxing part & seeing what comes out. I could tell one day I was stressed, & another day I was feeling relaxed. Have you ever played with art therapy? It's interesting what comes up.

CC said...

Hi, Matilda!
There is more information online about doodle art or zentangle. It is so relaxing and hopefully will help my brain!
Hope you are well!
Ciao, Matilda! Ci sono più informazioni in linea circa arte o lo zentangle di doodle. È in modo da distendendosi ed eventualmente aiuterà il mio cervello! Speranza siete bene! CC

beadingprincess said...

I love doing zentangles! I have been using my ouline of my hand and my granddaughters! you should try it! I made one for her using lots of colors and matted and framed it for her birthday present. I have two books I use. Never tried mole skin. To me, using the handprints bring more personalization to them. Like my granddaughters handprint over mine makes me feel like I am holding her closer to me, and entertwining our tangles makes me feel like I am a part of her life. I want to do one with her, her mom's and her dad's handprints all together. I haven't posted any of mine but maybe I will get the urge to do so when I get home from my mom's in the fall.

I am so glad you are finding ZEN in your art!

Teena in Toronto said...

Very cool!

Happy blogoversary :)

CC said...

Hi, Kat! Yup I really like doodling! It's so relaxing. I've seen some hand outlines & other art forms before, and want to try them all. I think it's wonderful that you are doing the whole family! You really have to share with us whenever you get done!!! Have a good time with your mom! Zen out!

CC said...

Hi, Teena!
Have you tried it?
Thanks for the Blogoversary wishes!