Friday, March 6, 2009

di Gioia ATC for my Pal!

One of my bestest pals had a birthday...and she just started doing "The Artist's Way" I decided to make an ATC for her. I chose this fabric because it reminds me of how we feel about each other! In fact, we gave ourselves names that embrace this idea! She chose di Gioia as our last name because it's of Joy! And we chose Italian foods for our first names. So I am now CC Spaghetti di Gioia, and she is Canolli di Gioia! Perfecto!!! Ti amo, pal!
P.S. Fideos is Spanish for Spaghetti! :)


JoTee said...

too cute, you made me giggle & smile...huggies

CC said...

We need to think of a name for you too! :)