Friday, March 6, 2009

The 3 Rs!

Nowadays it's Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! My DH & I just found online a way of cutting items into one long strip to reuse as balls of materials for crochet, knitting, etc. I practiced on a plastic bag to make sure I did it right. I don't have many plastic bags left nowadays! They all have been recycled, & we use cloth bags. But this one came in handy. I've also made bottle covers with 'em back in the day before our cloth bags.
Next I took an old t-shirt, cut it up & rolled it into a ball. I started to crochet a small rag rug with it. My DH thinks I'll need about 20 old shirts for a good rug. Hmmm...he does have alot stored away in his closet...but I was thinking of using them as a quilt! Well, maybe I can use the printed design part in the quilt, & the rest in the rugs! Just so they don't go in the landfill!

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