Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OK...like a year ago, or so, a couple pals & I decided to do a Round Robin with Bendi dolls. 2 of us on Hawaii, one in New Mexico. So I started out my doll by doing some mud painting on her. (Bogolan fini) I wanted her to have the red dirt from here on Kaua'i blended into her! Then I added her face, hair & heart. Here she is all naked and RTG to the next participant! I gave them lots of info on the Roma, 'cuz I wanted her to be a "gypsy"!

And here she is back home!!! Didn't they do a great job??? I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!! She sits in my studio with me every day! She turned out more perfect than I ever thought she could!!


heidibeads said...

CC - I love these round robins. Aren't they fun? I have a few dolls that are amazing from RR, some real favorites. I like her.

CC said...

Hi, Heidi! Yes! I DO love round robins! It's amazing to see the final piece after all those hands have touched something!
Warmest aloha,