Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beading Frenzy!

Wow! Been awhile since I posted! Had my nose to the grindstone (what is that?) & have been getting gifts ready for the holidays & orders ready for the museum. So alot of stuff I can't show!!! Don't want to give away the gift ideas! :) So here's another prayer pocket top. This one was really hard to photograph as I used all shiny Delica beads! Yikes! I'm gonna fill this pocket with lavender when I get it put together.

Also, a fellow beader mentioned in one of my previous posts that I should not only say that these are the same amount of beads, but the same size!!! They are both size 11s. The one on the left is made with Delicas, & the one on the right is made with seed beads. 625 of each, same size, different kind of bead. Amazing, huh?

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