Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October BJP- Scythe

The October Rune is the Scythe. *It is associated with Scorpio & death...dramatic transformations that appear to be final, but wise ones know they aren't. This can signify anything from a separation or divorce to some kind of danger. It's time to get to the bottom of things. Events may shift your focus dramatically, forcing you to change or transform. It's also associated with the paranormal, yep, even ghosts! (Perfect for this time of year!) This rune means to cut away, put an end to something or sever. Maybe changes must occur before reconciliation...coming to terms with something that is hard to accept. A time of passing through difficulties. Walls & blocks may seem insurmountable now, but Scythe implies you have the strength to overcome all difficulties.
The traditional birthstone for this month is rose zircon or pink tourmaline...depending on who you check with...so I just used the closest color to both that I had for the background.

Also, while working on this, I found that 2 "tic tac" containers that are used in storage systems, can fit in my tins! Yahoo! So I can keep them in there ahead of time until I'm ready to use them!

* Information for this, and all further posts on my BJP runes, have come from "A Witch's Runes", by Susan Sheppard.


Jacquie said...

Love the rune idea...I hadn't got to your blog 'til now. Can't wait to see how you put them all together at the end of the year!

heidibeads said...

I like reading your blog and learning. I'm interested in the runes and this is a fun way to get the knowledge. Lovely piece.

Robin said...

You're having fun with your Runes, aren't you, CC! I like the colors on this one, the simplicity of the design but complex meaning of the symbol.

Robin A.

CC said...

Oh, you guys! I AM having fun with these runes! And it's really interesting to see how the light works with the beads! But mostly the sychronicity & timing of each rune has been great! The meanings have really matched up with each month for me...so far. We'll see what happens next!
Warmest aloha!

KV said...

These runes are fascinating, CC!

Kathy V in NM

CC said...

Hi, KV!
It's been fun learning about these runes...there were so many to choose from! ;)

Marty S said...

What a cool idea for October! Nice!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

freebird said...

Interesting story. We all have times when something needs to be cut, or ended. Sometimes it's really hard to move forward again. I'll bet there is a rune for that too, right?

CC said...

Hi! I bet there's a rune for everything...but I'm taking it one month at a time...I haven't read ahead in this book! So it's a surprise every month! :)
Warmest aloha,