Monday, September 15, 2008

September BJP Done

Off and running with the new BJP! I've described in a previous post what I'll be doing for the year, so here I'll just describe the first month's rune. It's called Romance & was the perfect one to start the project off! It is about beginnings, the leaping dance of creation, to "spark" a new relationship or new phase, surge of lends strength & passion to works-in-progress and projects just beginning. It's time to embrace this new direction that is somehow related to your innermost passions! How perfect is that???
I've also decided to use one of the traditional birthstone colors as the main background color. In this case it's Sapphire. I used a complimentary color for the symbol. During this year I will try to use as close to the true color as I can, but will have to improvise in some cases since I'm using the beads that I have. So hopefully they will give the essence of the color...which is really hard to tell on a computer screen anyway! But this is for me, so I know what it looks like in hand.
I'm also keeping track of the color/type of bead used so that when I'm done, I will know how light affects each one.

Here's a couple pics in progress:

And here's the finished Rune:
I sure wish it would show up as it truly is!!! Ah, well!


heidibeads said...

CC! Love this rune and it's meaning. I played catch up on your blog and cried when I read about your mother. How special for her and you. You've been busy, busy. Love your tips. Is your page square stitch? I'm guessing here. Love visiting with you. Hope all is well.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Super theme CC!! I will look forward to seeing what you have each month. How big are you pages?

CC said...

Hi heidibeads & kiwi ellen! Thanks for checking in & commenting!
Heidibeads, didn't mean to make you cry! It was wonderful seeing each other! Yes, my pages are square stitch! Love visiting with you too!
kiwi ellen, my pages end up being approx. 2" X 1.5", but there will be a middle section that is bigger to tie them all together. Not sure if you click on my sketch if you can see it in a previous post. I'll have to check.
Warmest aloha!

Robin said...

I just read back to this post, where you first outlined your plan for this year's BJP. What a great idea and amazing dedication! Also, I'm delighted to read about your "Gift" and how your are honoring it through this project. Bravo! Robin A.

freebird said...

It is a good one to start with as you were wavering on even doing the BJP this year!

CC said...

Hi, Robin & Freebird!
Yep, it's a good one to start with, & I'm glad I'm honoring my gift in this way too. This rune made me think of how many beginnings/new creations there have been in my life! Wow! Sure am glad I decided to do BJP again, & that it's been so meaningful already! Warmest aloha!

mariasangel said...

Love how your first rune has turned out! i really enjoy hearing about the meaning behind the symbols and colors!i also love to see that you use those tins for projects! my projects are generally too large, but when i'm stitching on the go, I have a mini Wonder Woman lunch box with my needles threads and beads--with a matching pair of scissors tied to the handle! LOL! i have some of those lipstick cases around somewhere--when i find them, they will definately be repurposed!!--Maria

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi CC...I am finally taking the time to catch up with other BJP members today!

I love your theme this year and that you are using the birthstone colors as the background color! Great meaning and great tribute to your "Gift"!!! Your September page turned out beautiful and I really like your sketch and how it will all come together! I like the eye in the center...because you can see!!! Awesome! And to count 10,000 beads, wow!

I am looking forward to seeing each of your pages and the finale!

That was a wonderful post about your mom! It looks to me like she was hugging you through that computer! You can just made her day!

Have a great weekend...

~Lisa ;-)

freebird said...

Hi CC. Just checking in to see how you are doing. You must be busy working. Hope to see what you've been up to soon.

CC said...

Hi, Maria, Lisa & Freebird! Thanks for your comments! I've had my nose to the grindstone (wonder what that is?) with the holidays coming & orders for the museum. So haven't been able to blog. But it's a rainy day, so here I am.
Maria! Cool idea with the lunch box! Lisa! I know 10,000 beads sounds like alot, but it goes fast! Freebird! Yep busy! But I'll have to check on you now! ;)
Warmest aloha,