Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom's Surprise Birthday! mom had a special birthday coming up (I won't say which one!), & we hadn't seen each other in years!!! My new monitor has a webcam built in, & my niece had a laptop with one built in. So I told my niece about Skype & she got set up so we could surprise my mom! She had no clue.
You can see her here walking in...I snapped this picture from my computer in Kaua'i!
Then my niece brought her over to see something on the computer:
Here she sees it's ME!!!
There go the Italian hands explaining everything! ;)
And there's my mom wishing she could hug the computer!!!
This really makes me think of my Grandma & her arranged marriage back in Italy. She had to come to the states even tho' she didn't want to. She never got to see her family back there again. When I went to Europe as a young person, I brought her back a picture so that she could see her sister who she hadn't seen since she was young! She cried & kissed the picture! Just like my mom wanted to hug the computer. We've come along way, but we still need touch-avision! And smell-avision, so I could smell the wonderful Italian food my niece made for everyone!
Happy Birthday, Mom!


flying fish said...

I love the birthday surprise pictures, how very cool! Happy Birthday indeed.

Kiwi Ellen said...

How wonderful, the pictures you took sure are worth a thousand words!!

CC said...

Hi, flying fish & kiwi ellen!
It really was a fun surprise for her! Now we just have to get her a webcam of her own!!!
Warmest aloha!

KrispiS said...

LOVE that! What a great surprise for your mom! Your story really touched me! We have come a long way, BABY! (both in technology and as women!)

freebird said...

Isn't the internet wonderful? How can you bear to be away from her for years?

I'm trying to get my daughter's MSN messanging set up with her camera but she takes forever to get stuff done (mainly because she is much too busy being mom, chauffer, and all the other things women running a family are).
What is skype?

Pat Winter said...

What a sweet post. Happy birthday to your mom.I can imagine how hard it must be to see you and not get to hug you.
I finally got all of the dolls updated on my website. . Sorry it took so long. It shouldn't have.

CC said...

Hi, krispis & freebird! Yep, we've come a long way! Especially since I'm only 2nd generation American! I really appreciate the rights we have...I remember my Grandma had her citizenship paper framed on her bedroom wall! She was so proud! So I really appreciate the technology just since she lived!
And freebird, Skype is a free program that you can use to phone up people on your computer. It's what Oprah used in her live broadcasts so people could ask questions. You can talk & see each other live. It's free for anyone who is also a Skype user. You have to pay to phone up someone who isn't on Skype. I think it's the same thing as MSN with video...or similar. No more typing & chatting! ;)
Warmest aloha!

CC said...

Hi, Pat! Thanks for letting me know that all the dolls are on your site now! I'll get the word out! No worries on's all from the heart! Just like seeing my mom! We were happy just for that! Maybe soon I can afford to fly home. It's getting so expensive to live here! So, who knows! Warmest aloha!