Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Start!

Off and running with March! Whew!
I had decided that my shape this month would be a pot of gold...BUT, I changed my mind. I decided to do an egg shape in honor of Oestara, Spring Equinox. I know alot of people believe that Easter, a Christian festival, is about resurrection. Well, pre-dating Christians, there were many that celebrated the vernal equinox & the tradition of celebrating the return of the sunlight of spring. I did a little research & found out so much! But it's all about the triumph of Light over Darkness! Yes!
Some believe that Oestara is the spring Equinox and the festival of Ostara/Eostra the Norse Goddess of Fertility and Spring. Being 1/2 Norwegian, I decided it was time to celebrate that part of my past! I discovered that this is the time
for rituals of fertility of all kinds. A time to start new projects. Yes!
The colors of Oestra are yellow & fresh spring g
reen...the colors of daffodils & spring growth. So I drew my egg, sketched in some daffodils, left a bit of dirt at the bottom & some bare branches at the top to remind us of the dark winter we've just come out of...even here in Hawaii! (Yes, we have winter!) And I'll probably edge it in white to represent snow, freshness & purity.
This is a first for me in this BJP project. All of my pieces have been improvisational. I decided this one would have more than a subconscious meaning to it. So here's the project so far:

Now here's my problem...when I try to transfer a drawing /sketch to Timtex, using transfer paper, it doesn't seem to turn out well. I'm not sure if it's the humidity here, or something else. Do any of you have any ideas/hints on how you transfer your drawings to material like Timtex? I'd appreciate any insight! Thanks & happy spring!


Kathy Wagner said...

I have never done this before, so the only idea that came to my mind was to trace the pattern onto a piece of paper that you would bead right on top of and it would be a part of the finished piece like Timaree did here:
Hopefully other people will have more suggestions for you. It's a very spring/March design...hope you can find a way to use it.

Brenda said...

When I transfer my drawing, I first outline it in a black marker on the paper. I put the Timtex on top of it and hold it up to window glass. You should be able to see through it enough to transfer your drawing onto the Timtex.

Hopefully that helps you!

KrispiS said...

I love your design for March! It will be wonderful, but looks like lots of detail. I was going to suggest the same thing that kathy did.... just bead through the paper. That's the way I first learned to bead, and by the time you finish working on it, the paper has been manipulated enough that it is soft. It will be really beautiful... but then, daffodils are my favorite!
Have you heard the story about how Oestra works her magic to change a partly frozen bird into a rabbit that leaves eggs in the yard? It's a sweet story that links spring, Oestra and Easter.

KV said...

Another alternative, CC, is to print your drawing out on fabric. Then baste the fabric to the Timtex and bead away!

Kathy V in NM

freebird said...

Kathy is right that I have beaded right through my drawings at times. Sometimes I get picky and pick it out with tweezers and some places I leave it. Sometimes just the basic outline or even a single line where needed can be basted through a tissue paper drawing and then you remove the paper before beading. I think the window tracing idea is a great one if it shows through.
From what I have learned the Christians melded local holidays to their own interpretations which means we were once much more open to the world than we are now. It makes sense to use an old story to make sense of a new story such as death and renewal to Christ's resurrection. Easy to understand and the local holiday continues without the new threatening anything. Wish we could share stories round this world in this age.

madness said...

However you end up doing your drawing, CC, I am sure it will end up spectacular, like all your beading! Every month I look forward to seeing what you will come up with.

CC said...

Thanks Kathy! Maybe I could use some of that paper Robin uses since it's acid free...
Thanks Brenda...I tried my light box, but the Timtex was too thick. And I've got like 4 yards of it left before I get any Lacy's! ;)
Thanks krispis! I'll probably only do it impression like, so hopefully it won't be too detailed! You guys, doesn't it feel weird to bead thru' paper??? Oh, and NO, I hadn't heard that story about Oestra! Where do you find such stuff? I'd love to see some of it!
Thanks KV...I did think about trying that & I still may...
Thanks, Freebird! Do you baste with floss or something? And I love stories!!!
Thanks for the support madness!
You guys are all great! I hope you check back here to see I answered you all!
Warmest aloha!