Friday, May 30, 2008

April's BJP is done, but what's wrong w/this picture?

OK...I know we all run into problems w/beading, but how many of you run into this? Can you see what's wrong?

Can't tell huh? Let's look a little closer...

That's right...up in the right hand corner...gecko poop!!! Ack!!! Those little buggers go everywhere! :) But we love 'em anyway! How they eat those mosquitos!

But in spite of a little bit of poo, I did get my April Blue Marble BJP piece done. Here's some pics:

I'm still a little behind 'cuz I've been gone awhile helping a pal after surgery. AND my computer blew while I was gone. But I'm back now & will get May started before the end of the day tomorrow. I already have the shape decided on, & the colors chosen, but I'm thinkin' that may change. Ya never know!


JoTee said...

oooohhhlala, I just love this piece on Mother Earth, the colors are beautiful. Always enjoy see what you've been up to.

CC said...

Hi, Jo!
Thanks! I really love seeing your stuff fact, I'll go see if you updated your blog right now!!! :D
Love you!

Peggy Kemp said...

You cracked me up, CC! Gecko poo! It's everywhere. I think cleaning stimulates them to poop more, LOL. Love the beading!

I had a similar idea for Altoid Tins dollies, I'll show you some pics when they're done.

Would like to see you again, but we're not driving any more than we have to with the price of gas so high.

CC said...

Hey Peggy! I'm sure you know about gecko poo too! ;D
Do send me pics when you do your tin recycling! Love to see 'em!
And I know what you mean about driving! We combine a gazillion trips in one! So no worries!
Warmest aloha,

Robin said...

Love this one, CC!!! It makes me feel happy to look at the heart expanding into a circle with all the treasures around it! And the colors are beautiful too. Only one page to go... you'll make it!

ACey said...

ooooooohhhh! aqua and lime green! Need to try them together after seeing this - not sure if I ever did or not. Would love to see them all together. You gonna make a personal page at the BJP site or did I miss it somehow ?!!?

CC said...

Thanks, Robin! I'm hanging in there. Did start May on the 31st! Whew!
Acey! I never know what colors I'm gonna use when I do improv. So it's amazing the combos! :)
I hope to get pics on the BJP page...just taking awhile to catch up with everything else!
Warmest aloha,

freebird said...

It turned out great. It seems like it came out different than your first idea but they all seem to do that don't they? We get an idea and then it grows or changes but they come out the way they need to in the end.

And you've started your last one? I am starting my second-to-last.

CC said...

Freebird! Yep, they turn out way different than I think they will! Unless it's one I'm planning!
Yep, I started my last one, but I still have to put them on boards & add the embellishments! So I'm sure you will do fine on finishing yours!
Warmest aloha!

Azlina Abdul said... this piece...lots of colors that I love in it. And I am thinking of getting myself a serving tray like yours to do my's a great idea! Love it!

CC said...

Thanks, sweetie pie Lin! Glad you like the colors!
I really like my serving tray for when I can't work in my roudio! ;) I can carry it around wherever I want to go!
Hope you are doing well!