Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi, Everyone! It's true! We finally arrived in New Mexico! But we've been so busy trying to find a home, and dealing with a nasty tooth infection for poor DH, that I haven't had time to blog one bit! So decided before we go meet a realtor today, I'd at least post one picture. This is up in the Rio Grande Gorge. Beautiful country! The Rio Grande is really blue up there & the land is full of farming & horses and mountains. Did you all know there are more mountains in NM than in Colorado? Anyway, we're off again today to look at more houses! Wish us luck!


Pegnard said...

Good luck with finding a house! Hope R's tooth is better soon and that everything works out perfectly there. What beautiful country!

matilda said...

che meraviglia CC. sono felice per te. un grande bacio, matilda