Sunday, November 1, 2009


So since our closing day was so beautiful, we set out the next day to do some chores. But we got outside & it was snowing! We put off all the chores except for groceries! Our little truck needed to get used to the idea of all this cold stuff!

It's funny 'cuz it only lasted about an hour and then was blue sky again! But I had to throw a small snowball at Ron, and get this picture of our Hawaii license plate with snow accumulating! What a difference a day makes!


JoTee said...

SNOW SNow SnOw..........
How cool is that to be welcomed to New Mexico with a "dash of snow" flakes...............yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CC said...

And lots more 'sposed to come tomorrow! We're off to stock up on groceries & meds JIC!
Love you!