Monday, December 7, 2009


Here's my DH getting the standards ready for all my shelves. He's such a sweetie!
Here you can see some of the shelves up on one wall & standards getting set up for the next wall! It's gonna be so fun to fill up all those shelves so I can see what I have! I think I need more storage boxes! But that will come in time. I also get one more table!!! Everything will be in it's station. Can't wait to show it to you all finished!


kat said...

oh CC it looks like my old room!!! i had countertop purchased at home depot on sale on two sides of my walls!!! grats on the shelves i miss mine

Pegnard said...

You're nesting! I love it. Mele Kalikimaka! I'm sending you a tiny present I made up in Kokee, but it may well be for New Year's instead of Christmas... we spent Thanksgiving up there and my heart has wandered there every day. We had such a wonderful time we reserved 5 days in March for Matt's spring break from KCC. Big aloha to you and Ron - it's cool here this morning at 70. ;)

CC said...

Thanks, Kat! Now if I can just get Ron to keep things in their section! LOL!

CC said...

Yup, Peggy, we are nesting! And loving it!
Isn't Koke'e wonderful? It's such a special place! Have fun again there in March!
Hugs to you both!