Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Days!

Put this in our window at the Suites for Halloween, but only got to give some candy bags to our neighbors. Apparently our hotel isn't a "party" place! Well, just wait until we get into our house & get ready for all the holidays in the next year!

Hope you all had a fun one!

BTW, we will be offline most of this next week as we move from here to our new home & all of our stuff gets delivered. So we'll only be available by our cell phone until everything gets delivered & hooked up! But we're so excited we can barely sleep anyway! See you all soon!


So since our closing day was so beautiful, we set out the next day to do some chores. But we got outside & it was snowing! We put off all the chores except for groceries! Our little truck needed to get used to the idea of all this cold stuff!

It's funny 'cuz it only lasted about an hour and then was blue sky again! But I had to throw a small snowball at Ron, and get this picture of our Hawaii license plate with snow accumulating! What a difference a day makes!


Here's us at our closing which was a blast! Both of our agents came & even gave us gifts! It only took an hour even tho' we had to sign a gazillion papers & people on the mainland talk so fast!!!

Check out our clothes! We both wore special "Harkers"!!!


My DH brought me in these leaves. I couldn't believe how many colors there could be in one leaf!!!