Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

I couldn't believe going out on Veterans Day & seeing our carnations still in bloom!  November!!!  So hope all you vets had a beautiful day.  Thinking of you all!


Beading Eyes said...

Hi CC,
I love your little red carnations.
Every year we wander up to the VA Center here in TorC, to pay our respects on Veterans Day.

The wall is there plus the Veterans Home. It really is a very beautiful spot that faces Turtle Back Mtn.

Our home also faces the same mtn....we are all so lucky to have our wonderful NM to live. Sunshine & warmth.
Love you

CC said...

And a couple are still blooming! After Christmas! Wow!
I know how blessed we are to live here...only today there were snow flurries! :) Should be gone by the weekend! LOL!
Love you!