Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silly Class!

I also decided I need to focus on some fun stuff, so I took Carla Sonheim's Silly Class.  You can see her site at  And here are a few of the Silly Worksheets I did.  Remember worksheets from gradeschool?  Well, we'd get one a day, with some blob or something & have to make something out of it or write a story.  I'm REALLY far behind, in fact the class is done, but I can still post to the Flickr site for a long time!  :)

These are just a few.  More are on my Flickr site.  I'd been away from my drawing for a long time, so this was a fun way to get back into it.  Someday I may catch up!  LOL!

Slowly but surely...

...I'm getting better.  Building up my immune system.  I've done a few things after I hit the wall, so I haven't been totally in bed reading books & eating bon bons!  :)  So here is one new thing I've started doing that's not too labor intensive.  Needle felting!
Doesn't take alot of tools or energy!  Just some sheep roving, a couple needles, a foam pad & some fancies to felt into the design.  Poke, Poke, Poke...but be careful!  Those needles have sharp barbs on them!!!
Here's a sample of a few ornaments I've been working on.  I added shiny threads, Angelina fibers & sewed on some beads.  Easy squeezy!