Friday, November 13, 2015

Throw Back Thursday for Artists

On FB I've been doing Throw Back Thursday for Artists!  It's where we post some work we did long ago!  Here's a couple of illustrations I did for art school in 1992, and a sketch for a painting!


Shoshi said...

Such beautiful artwork, CC. Thank you for your lovely comment - yes, do some mandalas! They are really fun. I like the idea of the zengems in the centre because it's often hard to find the right focal point for a mandala, I think. I do hope you will update your blog because you re very talented and your work deserves to be seen!


CC said...

Shoshi, I did and got great response! Thanks for the inspiration on the color! I'm part of the 100 mandalas group and have been doing them for years! I'm not sure I'll even keep my blog. I get so much response on Facebook and Instagram that it's hard to keep up! I'm in several art groups on FB who have thousands of members, so it seems my work gets seen more there. I'll hold on awhile, but only as long as I am able! Love your blog tho'! ♥